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Cracking Crime


A Practical Guide to Home Security



These webpages have been produced jointly by Tameside Council and Greater Manchester Police. Their purpose is to give sound advice on crime prevention to people moving home into or around Tameside. Crime figures show that Tameside is one of the safest boroughs within Greater Manchester and we aim to keep it that way. The Council, the Police and their partners have committed extensive resources to enable a range of practical projects to be undertaken including town centre CCTV, street lighting improvements, town centre wardens etc. We will ensure that sufficient resources are available to sustain these and other activities and, where appropriate, to develop them to be even more effective in meeting the needs of the people of Tameside.

Most burglaries are committed by 'opportunist' thieves and in three out of ten burglaries, the thief doesn't even have to use force to gain entry - he gets in through an open door or window. Burglars like easy opportunities. If they have to make a lot of noise or chance being seen, the chances are that they won't bother.

Look at your home with the eyes of a burglar - are there places where they could break in unseen? Have you fitted strong locks to your windows and doors? Would they have to make a lot of noise by breaking glass?

For a small outlay you can make your home more secure and buy peace of mind into the bargain.

The following pages offer more detailed advice starting from the day of your move. Beginning outside your home and working inside, these pages are packed with useful information. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Evidence suggests that if a thief has broken into your home and got away with it, he'll come back after a short time and do it again - unless you have done something to prevent it.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways by which to deter a burglar from breaking into your home. Don't rely on just one or two deterrents - the more you use, the safer you will be.