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Renting a home in Tameside

Tameside Housing Advice

Tameside Housing Advice can provide you with information regarding all your housing options and advise on how you could find accommodation in both the private and social housing sectors. 

Tameside Housing Register

Whilst the council no longer has its own housing stock it can help people who are in housing need find suitable accommodation through the Housing Register. The rules governing who can join the register are explained in the council’s Allocation Scheme. An application to join the register can be made online at External Link

Registered Providers (Housing Associations)

Registered Providers are not for profit landlords who provide accommodation to rent and sometimes to buy. Registered Providers  can vary in their size and can be based locally, regionally or across the whole country. Each organisation will have its own policies on how properties are rented out and some may have specialist accommodation for specific groups; e.g. the elderly.

Private Renting

Good quality private rented accommodation can be found in all areas of Tameside. If you are on a low income you may be eligible for a bond from the Tameside Rent Deposit Scheme which is managed by Tameside Housing Advice.. You may also be entitled to apply for a rent in advance payment from the Tameside Resettlement Scheme.

Private rented property can be also be found through websites like External Link and External Link where lists of both local and national letting agents can be found.


If you are willing to consider properties outside of Tameside, Pinpoint offers a one stop shop that advertises properties across Greater Manchester. Some Registered Providers who operate in the borough are part of Pinpoint and private landlords can also advertise their properties on the website.

Problems with a Private Landlord or Agent External Link

Your landlord, or their agent, has legal responsibilities to manage your tenancy fairly and to keep your home up to a decent standard. As a private tenant you also have rights and responsibilities too.