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Coat of Arms Information

Hyde Coat of ArmsArgent, a chevron nebuly argent between three lozenges Or; on a chief of the second a flake erect surmounted by a hatter's bow in bend sinister between a cog-wheel and two miners' pick in saltire, therefrom suspended a Davy lamp, all proper. Crest: On a wreath of the colours, Upon a pack of cotton prints azure, banded and semee of mascles Or, a sprig of the cotton-tree, slipped and fructed, in bend sinister surmounted of a shuttle furnished in bend proper. Motto: Onward. Granted: 18 July 1882.

The Arms reflects the reasons for its establishment as an independent town - its industry. Cotton is shown by the cotton pattern and shuttle, coal by the miner's axe and the Davy lamp, and hatting by the hatters bow. The lower part of the shield contained the Arms of the manorial family of Hyde.