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Frequently Asked Questions about using the Internet

Who can use the Internet?

  • Anybody can use our public computers to access the Internet*, but it is cheaper if you are a library member. Customers who owe £5.00 or more or have had an invoice for non-return of items which is still outstanding will not be able to access the public computers.
  • Each time you use a computer you accept our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • A parent or guardian of children aged 15 or under must agree that their child can use our public computers to access the Internet by signing the declaration on the membership application form.
  • Anybody can access Wi-Fi in library buildings subject to availability.
  • The responsibility for overseeing internet material accessed by a child, as with all other library material, remains with the parent or guardian. An adult must accompany children under 9 years old.

What Internet services do we provide from the public computers?

  • We provide access to the World Wide Web but do not allow access to personalised software such as Yahoo Messenger, Internet Messenger or other dedicated chat software.
  • Users can set up their own web based e-mail account but we do not provide server based e-mail facilities.

Is there a charge?

  • Use of Wi-Fi is free.
  • Use of the public computers to access the Internet is free to library members for the first hour. There is a charge for every half hour thereafter.
  • Non-members are charged per half hour for use of above.
  • Memory sticks are available to buy.
  • Printing is available in black and white or colour from public computers; charges apply.

Downloading Information from public computers

  • Users can download information on to a memory stick. We do not have the facilities to download on to a CD Rom or a floppy disk.
  • We do not have facilities for downloading freeware or shareware via FTP servers.
  • Staff remove all files stored on the computer hard disk or desktop daily.