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Member Information and Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Full details can be found on our Library locations, services and opening times page

What is available?

Through our network of 8 libraries we provide something for everyone to help with work, study and leisure.

We have books for adults and children, books in large print and in community languages, talking books, language courses, DVDs and computers for public use.

Not all our libraries can provide all services but through them the entire resources of Tameside Libraries are open to you. Our trained staff will be pleased to help you with your reading enquiries and information needs.

How Do I Join?

Visit any Tameside Library and if you are listed on our postcode checker all we need to see is proof of your signature. If you are not listed then we need one proof of address and one proof of signature.

If your circumstances mean you are unable to show us proof of address you can still join as a Light User. This allows you to borrow 2 books and access the internet free of charge. Please ask our staff about becoming a light user when you visit.

You can also join online via our online library catalogue.

 Under 16s must have parent or guardian consent to join the Library.

Your library card can be used at any Tameside Library and is issued in accordance with the Library Byelaws; a copy of which is on display at all branches. When you sign your keycard you are agreeing to comply with these Byelaws.

All information held on the library computer system is covered by the Data Protection Act and will not be given to any unauthorised person or organisation.

What Can I Borrow?

Always bring your library card when you visit the library - you can use it in any Tameside Library. You will need it to borrow books, CDs, videos, talking books and to use the Computer Learning Centres.

Item How long? How many? Is there a charge? Do concessionary rates apply?
Books (including Bestsellers) 21 days 20 items in total No No
Music CDs 21 days Yes Yes - please ask for details at your library
Language Courses 21 days Yes Yes - please ask for details at your library
Talking Books 21 days Yes Yes - please ask for details at your library
2 nights /1 week Yes No


Can I keep books for longer?

Yes, you can renew most books 8 times, in person, by phone, letter or online through our website (NB if renewing online the books must not be overdue). You will need your library card number. You cannot renew books that have been requested by another member, or are part of the Bestseller Collections.

Can I renew CDs, talking Books, language courses, videos and DVDs?

Yes, unless someone else has requested them, but you must bring them to a library with your keycard and pay the appropriate charge.

What if I return items late?

Returning items on time means we can provide a better service for everyone. You can return items to any library. We charge a daily fine for books and audio material and a loan charge for overdue videos/DVDs. People over 60 pay fines at a reduced rate. Under 18s do not pay fines but they do pay the additional loan charge if they return videos or DVDs late. Current charges are on display in all libraries.

We send one reminder when items are overdue. If you do not return the items within 42 days then we will send you an invoice for - the cost of the items, any fines owing and an administration charge, please see current charges on display in all libraries.

Can I pay my fines on-line?

Yes, you can clear any outstanding fines by credit/debit card unless you have received an invoice, in which case you need to visit your nearest library or customer service centre.

Use this online form to pay your fines online. Please note that until your items are returned/renewed the fines will continue to accrue.

What if I can't find what I want? Reservations

You can check the online catalogue and if the item is in stock at any Tameside Library you can reserve it (recently released videos/DVDs are excluded from this service) and we will notify you when the item is available. 

You can also search the library catalogue and make reservations via the Spydus Mobile App, just download the app and login with your Library Card number and PIN.
Image - Online catalogue

If the item you are searching for is not in stock in Tameside, we will try to borrow from another library service, in which case there will be a charge or we may buy a copy. If you would like us to suggest that we buy a particular item you can Request an item that is not in stock in Tameside you will need to login to the online catalogue and select Request an item under Useful Information.

What if I lose my library card or lose or damage anything I borrow?

There is a small charge for a new Library card – please bring proof of ID. If you lose or damage any item of stock then you will be charged the full replacement cost.

Never lend your Library card to anyone and tell us immediately if you lose it, as you are responsible for all items issued on it. If you change your name, address or telephone number please let us know.

Can I access other Council services?

Yes. Our staff are trained to give Council information, help you request a service and take payments. Call in to your local Library.