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Eligibility for Open+ Membership                Frequently asked Questions

Open+ is a self-access system that allows you to use the library when there are no staff present.
You need to register in advance to use Open+.

  • Library members 16 or over, with a full membership and valid library card, can register for Open+. Under 16s are welcome to come in if accompanied by an adult who is registered for Open+.
  • To register for Open+, visit any Tameside library during staffed hours with your library card. Staff will go through a short induction to show you how to use Open+
  • When visiting the library during Open+ you can borrow and return items using the self-issue machine, collect reserved books, use the computers for up to an hour and use the self-service printing and photocopying facilities. You can study on your own device with free, unlimited Wi-Fi.
  • Please note there are no toilet facilities and no staff present during Open+ hours.
  • The library service has the right to refuse Open+ status to customers if necessary. For full eligibility, terms & conditions see Eligibility for Open+ Status.


Eligibility for Open+ Status

1. Policy Statement 

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council is keen to ensure as many library members as possible are able to access the library not only during hours when staff are present but also during Open+ operating hours. However, there is a need to ensure that libraries offer a safe venue for all to freely enjoy and therefore careful consideration will be given to all those requesting access during Open+ operating hours.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Open + access is available to library members who meet all of the following criteria:
  • Full Tameside Library membership - Join the Library
  • 16 years of age or over
  • No incident forms recorded on their membership as specified in the Code of Conduct
  • Accept and agree to the terms of the Customer Agreement PDF
  • Undergo an induction with a member of library staff

3. Conduct in Libraries

There is an expectation that people will use the library in an appropriate manner to ensure a non-abusive, safe and friendly environment for all. When this does not happen the Library Service has a set of Bye Laws which regulate the use of libraries.

Customers are required to agree to abide by The Internet Acceptable Use Policy prior to using a public PC. Should behaviour become unacceptable an incident is logged and appropriate action taken as detailed in the Code of Conduct.
Any library member who has been issued with a written warning and not made any representations or the warning has been upheld will not be eligible to access the service during Open+ operating hours.Such members will however be entitled to access during staffed operating hours.
Upon expiration of a written warning a library member can apply to access library venues during Open+ operating hours.Eligibility conditions as detailed in Section 2 will apply.


4. Removal of Open+ eligibility 

Open+ eligibility will be reviewed for any library member displaying unacceptable behaviour in contravention of the Code of Conduct or the Customer Agreement.
Staffed Operating hours
Should an incident occur in staffed operating hours, an incident form as detailed in the Code of Conduct will be completed and submitted to senior library managers. Open+ eligibility will be suspended immediately until a final decision is made.
Relevant action as detailed in the Code of Conduct will be undertaken. If the warning/ prohibition is upheld following consideration of any representations or no representations are made, eligibility to access Open+ hours will be removed.
Open+ Hours
Should a library member display activity during Open+ access which contravenes the Customer Agreement or is deemed to be inappropriate and poses a risk/nuisance to other library users their eligibility will be reviewed.
Access during Open+ hours will be immediately suspended until a final decision is made. A letter will be sent to the library member with details of the activity and a determination on the outcome.  This will be either a warning that any repeat of the behaviour may result in prohibition from using the library service or an immediate prohibition.
The library member will be offered a 7 day period in which to make representations in accordance with the Code of Conduct.  If the warning/prohibition is upheld following consideration of any representations or no representations are made eligibility to access during Open+ hours will be removed. 

5. Re-instatement of Open+ Eligibility 

Following expiration of a prohibition or a written warning the customer will be allowed to apply for Open+ eligibility providing they satisfy the eligibility conditions as detailed in Section 2 of this document.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open+?

  • ​Open+ is utilising new technology to allow access to the library when there are no staff present.
  • Access to the library will be by a valid library card and a 4 digit PIN that you will be allocated once you have registered for the service, signed the agreement and been briefed by the staff.

How can I register for Open+?

  • You need to register your library card with a member of staff
  • You will need to be a full member of Tameside Libraries
  • ​You will need to sign and accept the customer agreement and read and abide by the code of conduct. Customers that do not adhere to this are highly likely to have their eligibility to use Open+ removed.
  • Complete a short induction with library staff
  • The library service reserves the right to refuse to grant Open+ status to customers.  An appraisal of previous use of the library will be taken into account when determining eligibility. 

How does Open+ work?

  • Registered users can enter the library by scanning their library card and entering a unique PIN  into the key pad outside the library. 
  • CCTV cameras are installed and monitored to ensure the safety and security of you, the equipment, stock and the building.  
  • Fire and emergency procedures are displayed

What can I do in Open+ mode?

  • Borrow, return, renew items and pay charges using the self-service machines
  • Pick up and borrow your reserved items which are awaiting collection
  • Use our public computers and scanner
  • Access Wi-Fi
    What isn’t available in Open+ mode?
    • Printing and photocopying will be available at a later date
    • Sale of any goods
    • ​Use of toilet facilities

We hope you enjoy using your Open+ library but ask that you remember a few valuable points: 

  • There is an expectation that people will use the library in an appropriate manner to ensure a non-abusive, safe and friendly environment for all.  
  • Don't let anyone else use your library card to access the building
  • Be careful not to let anyone else enter the library behind you ie no 'tailgating'
  • Please leave the building when the service closes and take all your belongings with you.

Further information can be found in Open+ Customer Agreement PDF