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Marriage (Approved Premises) Regulations Licence


How to Apply

In order to apply for a Marriage (Approved Premises) Regulation Licence, you must fill in the application formLink to Adobe PDF file

Once your application has been accepted and the fee has been paid, the licensing Section will arrange for an inspection to be carried out by the inspection team and the Superintendent Registrar. 

Once the inspection has been completed, reports are submitted to the licensing section for their perusal.  Whilst the inspection is being carried out, you the applicant will have to publish a public notice in the local press and at the premises concerned to advise member of the public of the pending application.

Once all the reports and the notices have been received and there are no objections to the application then the licence is issued.

If objections are received then the licensing section will prepare a reports which will be considered at the next meeting of the Speakers Panel, which you as the applicant will be invited to attend and may be represented by a solicitor if you so desire.

We look forward to receiving your application and if you have any difficulty with any of the forms or have any questions, please contact the Licensing Office.

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