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Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times do the indoor and outdoor markets open in Tameside?

Please select a market and find opening times in the ‘About’ section.

How can I book a stall for the Sunday table top market or the Farmers and Producers market?

To book for the regular Sunday Giant Table Top Sale contact Ashton Market Office 0161 342 3268/9 or visit the office.  Bookings are accepted from 7.00am on the Monday preceding the day of the table top sale/market. (Repeat bookings from table-toppers, for the following week, are accepted at the close of each Sunday Table-top sale.)

Complete the online application form for a stall on the Farmers and Producers Market.

Evidence relating to production methods and Environmental Health registration may be required before bookings can be accepted.

How can I book a charity stall?

The council maintains a "Charity Stall" at each market site, which is available on one or two days each week (1 standard market and 1 flea market, on sites which have a flea market).  The stall is available free of charge to registered local charities and local branches of national charities.  Bookings for this facility (on a "first come - first served" basis) can be made by contacting the relevant market office, in person, by phone, by fax or by letter.

What is the procedure for booking a car boot sale?

View details of car boot sales.

How can I obtain a refund for faulty goods bought from a Market Trader?

Trading Standards will give you information regarding obtaining a refund for faulty goods.

How can I become an outdoor market trader?

There are two categories of trader. "Regular" traders have gained the privilege of taking the same stall on a given day, and setting up their stall before "letting" time.  They are also granted a four week "charges holiday" period each year, after a qualifying period.  In return they pay a reservation fee equal to the full stall charge, whether or not they attend the market or not on that day.

"Casual" traders take a chance being allocated stall in days which they attend market but pay no charges on the days in which they do not attend.  "Casual" traders have regular opportunities to opt for "regular" status.

At Ashton-under-Lyne, the normal letting procedure for casual traders takes place at 8am on the market ground.  On the first visit each trader is required to complete a registration form and "prove" insurance cover.  At that point they are issued with a copy of the market regulations.  Each attendance, on a particular day, gains the trader an "attendance point" which is recorded by the market official.  During the letting process, stalls are first offered to traders with the most "attendance points", proceeding until all the stalls have been allocated or all traders have a stall.

What are the stall charges for the outdoor market?

View market stall charges.

What is the procedure for leasing an indoor market stall?

If you are interested in renting a stall, please contact the market office using the details below.

Have you got a lost property section?

Lost property records are kept at Ashton and Hyde Market Offices.  Food is retained until the end of the day it was found, general merchandise is retained for 28 days and items of higher value (watches, jewellery, etc.) and cards/passes/cheque books are retained for six months.

Are there any job vacancies on stalls in the indoor Market Hall?

Tenants in the market halls are independent retailers.  They do not notify the market offices of any job vacancies.  People seeking full or part time employment should approach tenants directly to ask if they have any vacancies.

How do I report a problem with cleanliness on a market?

Please use the contact info below.

Contact information

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0161 342 3268/9
0161 339 0451 (Ashton) - 0161 368 8008 (Hyde)

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