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Car Tax and Registration

Vehicles that are used or kept on a public road in the United Kingdom are required, by law, to have valid vehicle tax.

A Registration Document/Certificate shows the registered keeper of a vehicle. The registered keeper is the person who keeps the vehicle on a public road and is not necessarily the legal owner. It gives the keeper's name and address, the registration mark and other information about the vehicle.

The DVLA provides information on how to tax and register a vehicle Link to External Website, as well as providing information on other aspects of keeping and selling a vehicle.

Driving Licences

The DVLA provides information on driving licences Link to External Website, and other associated advice on driving in general.

Abandoned Vehicles and Untaxed Vehicles

The Council provides information on how to report abandoned and untaxed vehicles, as well as how to retrieve a vehicle that has been removed.

Surrender Scheme

The Council offers a free surrender scheme for unwanted motor vehicles. Please contact us on Telephone Number 0161 342 8355