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Abandoned and Untaxed Vehicles


Circumstances Where we Can or Cannot Investigate an Abandoned Vehicle

A photograph of an abandoned vehicle
We can investigate an abandoned vehicle if:

  • It has no keeper on DVLA’s database and is untaxed - check vehicle tax online
  • It’s stationary for a significant amount of time (over 4 weeks). If the vehicle is legally parked and roadworthy we will take no further action
  • It’s significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy - for example, has flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows
  • A number plate is missing
  • It has become the target of vandalism or anti-social behaviour

Before reporting abandoned vehicles to the Council, please note the following points below and contact the correct service.

We will not investigate a vehicle if:

  • The only issue is that it is untaxed. This should be reported to the DVLA -
  • The only issue is lack of current MOT (This should be reported to the Police non-emergency number 101)
  • The only issue is inconsiderate or illegal parking
  • It’s burned out. Burned out vehicles should be reported to the Police non-emergency number 101


Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Click here to report an abandoned vehicle to us.



Taxed Vehicles

As long as the tax is valid on a vehicle, it is eligible to park on the highway so long as it is not breaking any restrictions on the road e.g. double yellow lines. If an unknown vehicle is taxed that is parked i.e. outside your property then the Council will not investigate unless there are clear signs it’s been abandoned as seen in the Abandoned Vehicle section below. Your first point of call should be to contact the police to see if they have any interest. If a vehicle is causing an obstruction i.e. you cannot get off your driveway this is also a police issue.

Untaxed/SORN Vehicles/Vehicles with Trade Plates

The Council does not have the powers to remove untaxed/SORN/trade plate vehicles and therefore will not be investigated. This relates to vehicles parked on the Highway that are out of tax or SORN with little or no damage regardless of age.  They should be reported directly to the DVLA here

Check the Tax Status of a Vehicle

Check the Tax Status of a Vehicle

Click here to check the tax status of a vehicle.

A vehicle needs to be out of tax for 62 days from when the tax expired before the DVLA will arrange removal.  The vehicle will not be removed before this unless it is dangerous.  

The Council will investigate any reports that meet the criteria. If the Council feel the vehicle in question has been abandoned, then the appropriate course of action will be taken to start the removal process.

Any abandoned vehicle that is insecure or poses a clear health and safety risk will be removed immediately.

If you feel the vehicle in question meets the above criteria then please use Report It to us.

If your vehicle has been removed by Tameside MBC you can arrange to retrieve it by contacting us (details below). Please quote the registration number of the vehicle and any reference number we may have given you. On receipt of the form we will advise you of the costs involved and issue a release note once payment has been made.


Contact Us

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Click here to report an abandoned vehicle to us.


When reporting an abandoned vehicle please ensure you have the full registration number of the vehicle and location which enable the Council to locate the right vehicle. If the vehicle has no registration plates, then type ‘no plates’ in that field.


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