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Welcome to the Tameside Procurement Page

Tameside Council participates in a shared procurement service with Rochdale, Stockport and Trafford Councils – STAR Procurement.  STAR Procurement supports its Councils with the broad range of procurement services for supplies, services or works contracts that are not provided / delivered in-house by the Council.
STAR Procurement has an established website at   This is a central resource for supporting STAR Councils, some of the partners they work with and their suppliers.  There is a Suppliers area on the website which you can freely access.
Key resources available to you in the Suppliers area of the STAR website include:
  1. Local Investment.  Detailing how STAR Procurement is supporting its Councils in local investment for low value contract requirements.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions.  A range of FAQs dealing with aspects of tendering with STAR Councils.
  3. Social Value guidance.  This guidance is aimed at supporting Suppliers to meet the STAR Councils' requirements for Social Value submissions within Requests for Quotation or Invitations to Tender.
  4. Top Tips for Tendering.  A range of tips and advice which will assist you when responding to Requests for Quotation and Invitations to Tender.
  5. Modern Slavery.  Guidance on obligations imposed on Suppliers by the Modern Slavery Act and expectations from STAR Councils.
  6. Useful Links.  A range of useful links to organisations which can support Suppliers to STAR Councils and publications relating to procurement by the STAR Councils.
  7. Glossary of Terms.  Procurement jargon can be confusing at times.  Hopefully this useful glossary will interpret the more complicated jargon into more understandable language.


Did you know?

Councils supported by STAR Procurement advertise all open quotations and tenders on The Chest – an electronic procurement portal covering public sector organisations across NW England.  Registration on The Chest is free and provides access to tenders published by STAR Councils and other public sector bodies across the region.  STAR Procurement has produced a simple to follow guide to registering on The Chest and accessing tender opportunities.
STAR Procurement operates on a Category Management basis, with three key Categories – People, Place and Professional.  These three Category teams specialise in, and manage procurement for their categories across the STAR Councils.  Click through for further information on what each of the Categories cover, so you know who best to contact if you have any queries about procurement or tenders and contracts.
STAR Procurement has a full organisational chart on its website, giving you the email addresses and mobile phone numbers for all members of the team, showing you where they sit in the structure and which of the Categories they specialise in.
If you are unsure of who to contact, you can phone STAR Procurement on 0161 912 1616 during core business hours, or email STAR on and a member of the team will help resolve your query and point you in the right direction.

Interacting with Tameside Council P2P Service

STAR Procurement has produced a one-page factsheet in conjunction with the Council’s P2P Team, explaining how best to interact with P2P when sending invoices for payment.  This will hopefully ensure a speedier payment process for Suppliers who are unsure about the protocol for submitting invoices.  In addition, the P2P Service has produced a handy pictorial guide to setting out an invoice prior to submission to the Council.

Priority Account Service (PAS)

Tameside are delighted to announce the launch of the Priority Account Service (PAS) , a new initiative that enable us to pay our suppliers ahead of contracted terms by streamlining our payment processes. The Council are working with Oxygen Finance to deliver this programme.
We provide a large number of services for local people, businesses and visitors to Tameside.  When working with key suppliers who help us deliver these services we are committed to developing an efficient and unified approach. This is the driving force behind us launching the Priority Account Service (PAS).  When suppliers sign up to the service they will become eligible to receive early payment of invoices amongst other benefits in return for a small pre-agreed rebate.
An in-depth analysis of the purchase-to-pay process has been undertaken, with the key objective of improving the ordering, invoice management and payment process, benefiting all parties.
The Priority Account Service (PAS) aims to deliver the following winning outcomes for suppliers:

  • Improved cash flow through the early payment of invoices;
  • Reduced payment volatility - suppliers will be paid faster and more consistently;
  • Increased efficiency, prioritised invoice processing and dedicated query resolution;
  • Closer collaboration and mutually beneficial to our long-term relationship;
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the Council;
  • Improved financial metrics.

Procurement Contacts

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact the STAR Procurement:


Telephone: 0161 9121616

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