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Register for contract opportunities

You will need to register on our e-tendering portal (The Chest) for which there is no charge and once registered will be notified electronically of any forthcoming tender/quotation opportunities for the categories of interest that you have registered for.


Advertising contracts

All of our contracts that need to be advertised will appear on The Chest as well and where appropriate on:

Where the value of a contract exceeds the EU thresholds a notice will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Full details of the current EU thresholds can be found at: 


Tender and Quotation process

The procurement process is chosen in conjunction with the governance laid out in our Procurement Standing Orders along with the EU legislation.

A full copy of the Procurement Standing Orders can be found at:


Purchase Orders

All purchases of goods and services, where appropriate, should be supported by an official order.  Orders shall be in an electronic format and verbal orders, which must be restricted to absolutely urgent matters, must be followed immediately by an official order marked 'Confirmation'
You should contact the officer who has requested the goods/services, if you do not receive an official Purchase Order in advance of supplying goods and services and must quote the Purchase Order number on your invoice to avoid delay in payment.
The terms and conditions for Purchase Orders shall apply in all cases except where the Order form is for confirmation purposes and either follows a procurement exercise utilising The Chest (e-tendering portal - https://www.the-chest.org.uk/ ) or a commission of goods or services under a framework agreement wherein the terms and conditions stated therein shall prevail.

Standard Terms and Conditions 


Invoices from suppliers

Invoices should be sent direct electronically (in pdf format) to supplierinvoice@tameside.gov.uk

The issue of a Purchase Order is validation to you as a supplier that the goods/services requested have been authorised and approved; by quoting your Purchase Order on your invoice this should help fast track the processing of your payment.

To ensure that your invoice contains all the required information in order to be processed for payment please refer to the guide (0.16MB)

The Platinum Payment Programme (PPP)

Tameside are delighted to announce the launch of the Platinum Payment Programme, a new initiative that enable us to pay our suppliers ahead of contracted terms by streamlining our payment processes. The Council are working with Oxygen Finance to deliver this programme.
We provide a large number of services for local people, businesses and visitors to Tameside.  When working with key suppliers who help us deliver these services we are committed to developing an efficient and unified approach. This is the driving force behind us launching the Platinum Payment Programme (PPP).  When suppliers sign up to the service they will become eligible to receive early payment of invoices amongst other benefits in return for a small pre-agreed rebate.
An in-depth analysis of the purchase-to-pay process has been undertaken, with the key objective of improving the ordering, invoice management and payment process, benefiting all parties.
The Platinum Payment Programme aims to deliver the following winning outcomes for suppliers:

  • Improved cash flow through the early payment of invoices;
  • Reduced payment volatility - suppliers will be paid faster and more consistently;
  • Increased efficiency, prioritised invoice processing and dedicated query resolution;
  • Closer collaboration and mutually beneficial to our long-term relationship;
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the Council;
  • Improved financial metrics.

 To find out more about the programme visit:-http://response.oxygen-finance.com/TMBC-Home


Under Procurement Standing Orders C.2.2, a general waiver permits the Council to use frameworks put in place by the following without seeking separate authorisations for specific procurements.

  • Crown Commercial Services
  • Association of Greater Manchester Authorities
  • Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation
  • Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation
  • The Procurement Partnership

Procurement Contacts

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Procurement Team:

Email: tameside.procurement@tameside.gov.uk

Telephone: 0161 342 2851/4292

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