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Roadworks and Closures

There are many reasons why a road would be closed or traffic would be restricted. This could include works for highway maintenance purposes, a development, improving the local infrastructure (gas, water, electric etc or even to allow an event to take place.

When deciding what method of traffic management to use, the council consider the safety of the public and work force, the disruption to the traffic network and other road users and the duration in which the works are intended to take.

For information on current works in your area or along your journey please click here:
If you use public transport please click here to plan your journey
If you would like to apply for a road closure to undertake works within the public highway please complete this form and return it to

Details of costs and more information can be found in the Guidance Notes or you can view our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are undertaking work within the public highway please click here for more information
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