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Tameside Environmental Enforcement Strategy


What are we doing and why?


  • Most people in Tameside dispose of their waste responsibly. However, a small number dump waste and leave contaminated bins out.
  • This means that the Council spends time and money that could be better spent on vital services clearing it up.
  • We will take action against the small number of people who refuse to do the right thing with their waste.  

What do we need from you?


  • We ask all residents to report any fly-tipping or contaminated waste that they see in Tameside. All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
  • Report online at
  • Call 0161 342 8355.
  • Visit our customer service centre at Clarence Arcade, Ashton-under-Lyne.
  • In all cases please give us some details about what you’ve seen and the most precise location you can. Pictures are very helpful if you have them.
  • If you see evidence of who has left the waste please do not remove it yourself. It cannot be used as evidence if it has been removed from its original location.
  • If you want do more to help us combat fly-tipping and illegal dumping you can volunteer for a community clean-up. E-mail for more information. 

When will we take action?


  • We will seek to take enforcement action against waste-related offences whenever possible. 

What action will we take?

  •  Our first step will always be to gather any evidence that could be used to identity the perpetrator, including finding eyewitnesses, CCTV footage or information in the dumped waste itself. 
  • Our street cleaning teams will remove fly-tipping and dumped waste on council-maintained land in as short a time as possible after we are made aware of it.
  • We cannot clear fly-tipping that is on private land. Responsibility for clearing in these cases will rest with the landlord or the tenant.
  • There are a number of potential enforcement options the council can take in cases where we can identify who is responsible for fly-tipping and other environmental crimes. These range from informal warnings to prosecution in the case of persistent or serious offences.  

Where can I find out more?