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Traffic Calming


Traffic calming is a physical measure that is used to reduce the speed and / or volume of traffic on a road. This can come in the form of such features as speed humps, cushions and tables, chicanes, road narrowing, pedestrian islands, coloured and textures road surfacing.

The council uses traffic survey and accident data to help identify sites which may benefit from the introduction of traffic calming features. It also takes into account the type of road and what type of traffic is using it. For example, traffic calming is not suitable on main roads as it is used by high volumes of traffic much of which may include HGVs, buses and emergency vehicles. Such features can be extremely expensive to install and it is difficult for the council to gain consent from the majority of the community on their introduction as many people have reservations about the effects of certain features on their everyday lives.

It is usual for traffic calming features to be included in the introduction of 20 mph schemes. When such a scheme is designed and developed the Traffic Regulation Order associated with the change in speed limit will be advertised as will the details of any features to be included in the scheme. In the past significant funding was available for such schemes and many were implemented across the borough. In many instances the features advertised by the council received objections and the resulting scheme had less features than the council would have liked. The council has very little funding for the introduction of 20 mph zone schemes and associated traffic calming features as such it is unlikely that any existing schemes will be revisited with a view to implementing more features.

Traffic calming features are designed in accordance with the latest design information provided by the Department for Transport, who rigorously test the specifications to ensure that they have the desired effect on the speed of traffic without causing undue damage to person, vehicle or the surrounding environment.

If you feel that there is a fault with a traffic calming feature that needs assessing and remedial works undertaking please report it.

If you feel that vibration from a traffic calming feature is causing damage to your property please contact your insurance company who will arrange for the appropriate testing to be undertaken and will approach the council on your behalf should a problem be found.


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