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Traffic Schemes/ monitoring / Accident Reduction

The council has access to data based on reported injury accidents which are reported via the Greater Manchester Police. This is quantifiable data that is used by the authority and the police in order to identify where there are clusters of accidents or accidents trends where engineering intervention may be beneficial. The authority is aware that this data does not include information regarding ‘damage only’ or ‘near misses’ and does not reflect local knowledge where residents may feel that ‘there is an accident waiting to happen’, however, with a nationwide and local desire to reduce the incidents of injury accidents and improve road safety and limited funding with which to do this, the council must focus its resources on areas where there are existing problems first. Many of the enquiries received by the council regarding concerns over road safety are based on a perception of a problem or poor driver attitude for which the council has limited methods with which to make improvements.

The following links are to the ‘Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) – reported road accidents’ web page and the interactive map, which shows all reported injury accidents and locations within Tameside and Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Reported Road Accidents - Frequently Asked Questions

The information given on the interactive map is only basic information. Because of the sensitive nature of some accidents data, certain fields may lead to the individuals involved being identified. Such data could contravene the Data Protection Act and is considered exempt under the Freedom of Information Act and as such is omitted from the site
Safety cameras (enforcement cameras) are in use within Tameside to enforce both speeding and traffic light offences. These are targeted at locations with a historically poor road safety record, with the aim of reducing road casualties in the future.  Further information regarding what they do and specific information about safety cameras can be found via their website-

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders are implemented to increase road safety, enhance traffic flow, minimise congestion and benefit local business users and residents.
Waiting restrictions (double yellow lines etc)  will not ordinarily be implemented on none traffic sensitive routes, it is understood and appreciated that car ownership has increased over the past 10 years, most houses owning at least one vehicle thus causing pressure on residential streets however, Tameside MBC can not use waiting restrictions to reinforce the highway code which is produced to encourage safe practices for drivers and other road users when using the public highway.
Highway Code
Access Protection Markings
Advisory Parking Bays

Temporary Road Closures

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