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Early Education and Childcare - Introduction

This page will help you decide which type of provider is best suited to your child and family’s needs.

The settings listed on this page are known as the ‘Tameside Directory of Providers’ and all schools and ‘providers’ are inspected by OFSTED. They have all made a commitment to the Council's terms and conditions of funding for delivery of free early education and childcare for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

All providers are eligible to deliver free early years provision to 3 and 4 year olds however not all childcare providers can take children for a free 2 year old place, and we have highlighted those that can by indicating a 2 Symbol by the childcare provider. 

Types of Providers

  • Childminders
  • Independent schools
  • Out of school clubs
  • Private day nurseries
  • Pre-schools/playgroups
  • School Nurseries

Early Years Education in Schools with a nursery class

Admissions to nursery classes in schools are usually each September. To start in September your child needs to be three years old before September 1st; if the nursery has vacancies, they may also admit children at other points during the school year. Children usually attend Monday to Friday; each school will determine how they will deliver the 15 or 30 hours as this could vary from school to school.

If you would like an early years place for your child in a school nursery class please contact the school directly, the Headteacher of the school manages admissions to nursery class.

Please note, if your child will be starting at a school nursery in the autumn term, due to the high numbers of new children starting at one time, some schools may take a phased approach to entry, which allows children to settle.

More information for parents can be found in Admission into nursery classes in Tameside


  • RC = Roman Catholic
  • VC = Voluntary Controlled
  • CE = Church of England
  • VA = Voluntary Aided
  • AC = Academy

Voluntary aided (church) schools have denominational criteria for admission into school. However, the nursery classes at these schools may have places for children of other denominations.

Early Years Education in Other Settings

For information about admission to other types of early years provider, please contact the provider directly using the Free Entitlement Funding  ‘Tameside Directory of Providers’.  

For further help in finding a provider in your area, please contact Family Information Service on 0161 342 4260.

Ensuring Quality and Consistency 

Tameside Council has an Early Years Quality Improvement Team who are experienced early years professionals.  Their role is to provide support, advice, guidance, and training for all childcare providers and settings across the local authority who provide Early Years Foundation Stage education. If you choose a provider from ‘Tameside’s Directory of Providers’, the work of the Early Years Quality Improvement Team promotes consistency across the borough in the quality of care and education your child will receive whilst promoting inclusive care, learning and play.

Benefits of Taking up the Free Offer of Early Years Provision

Research has shown that children who receive good quality pre-school education acquire the skills they need to make good progress at school. They gain the social and communication skills required to become confident and happy learners.

Early years provision is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage of education. It is an exciting time for children as they learn through play based activities to become more independent and develop their own identity. Your child will enjoy a curriculum that is organised around seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Things to Consider 

The most important decision is to choose the type of setting that will best meet the particular needs of your child and your family. When choosing a setting consider the following:

  • What type of setting is best suited to your child’s personality?
  • If required, is there any additional childcare offered by the provider?

What is the quality of the setting/provider? Use the check list below to help you make your decision when you visit a setting or childminder:

  • Are adults interacting/playing with children?
  • Does the setting/childminder have awards displayed for healthy eating?
  • Are the toys clean and well maintained?
  • Are children settled and occupied?
  • Is there an outdoor play area?
  • Are you greeted and made to feel welcome?
  • Is your child greeted and made to feel welcome?
  • Are you given a welcome pack or other information about the setting?
  • Does the setting/childminder have any quality assurance awards?

Many of the settings listed below provide or have access to additional services which enable children to receive care for longer periods of time. Examples of this are:

  • A childminder could collect your child from a group setting and provide extended care during the day.
  • A day nursery could provide care all day or for a full morning or afternoon session.
  • Some pre-schools and nursery classes offer extended sessions which sometimes include lunch.

Many parents benefit from this combination of education and care as it enables them to work, study or train knowing that their children are being cared for in a suitable environment.

If you are working or considering taking up work and would like to know more about the settings that can offer additional services contact Tameside Families Information Service who can:

  • Discuss the childcare options available.
  • Provide information about the cost of additional care.
  • Look at any funding you may be entitled to, to pay for any additional costs.
  • Signpost to relevant agencies / websites who can support families with more in-depth individual advice
  • Answer any questions you have about this information

Free Entitlement Funding – Directory of Providers 

Ashton-under-Lyne | Audenshaw | Denton | Droylsden | Dukinfield | Hyde | Hattersley | Longdendale | Mossley | Stalybridge


Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Ashton West End Primary Academy

Resource Base, William Street, OL7 0BJ
Miss Kim Pizuti
0161 330 4234
Canon Burrows CE Primary School
Oldham Road, OL7 9ND

Ms Suzanne Fides
0161 330 4755

Canon Johnson CE Primary School
Elgin Street, OL7 9DD

Miss Kirsty Pollard (Acting Head)
0161 330 3169

Holden Clough Community Primary School
St Albans Avenue, OL6 8XN

Mr Faik Kordemir
0161 330 5248

Holy Trinity CE Primary School
Kenyon Street, OL6 7DU

Mr Simon Brereton
0161 330 1065


Inspire Academy
Mossley Road, OL6 9RU

Mrs Louise Armstrong
0161 339 7822



Oasis Academy Broadoak
Norman Road, OL6 8QG

Fiona Lomas
0161 330 3105
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Primary School
Holden Street, OL6 9JJ

Mrs Helen Hayes
0161 330 9521

RC (VA) 
Parochial CE Primary School
Keppel Street, OL6 6NN

Miss Louise Thompson
0161 343 6070

Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School
Rosehill Road, OL6 8YG

Gemma Yapp
0161 343 8485

St Christopher's RC Primary School
St Christophers Road, OL6 9DP

Mr Ian Noone
0161 330 5880

St James' CE Primary School
Romney Street, OL6 9HU

James Rolt
0161 330 2008

The Heys Primary School
Whiteacre Road, OL6 9NS

Lyndsey Davison
0161 330 1847

Waterloo Primary School
Worthington Street, OL7 9NA

Mr Damian Harris
0161 330 1280


Playgroups and Pre-Schools

Happy Hedgehogs Pre-School, Waterloo Children's Centre
Store Street, off Oldham Road, OL7 9QA
0161 339 30342 SymbolY

Leap Nursery, Clyde House
Clyde Street, OL7 0NQ

0161 214 83002 SymbolY
Little Panda’s Pre-School, Broadoak Community Centre
Broadoak Road, OL6 8RS
0161 830 0510
07958 709041
2 SymbolY

Day Nurseries

Bright Stars
Hanover Mill, Fitzroy Street, OL7 0TL
0161 343 12492 SymbolY
Charlestown Private Day Nursery
Turner Lane, OL6 8LW
0161 343 25282 SymbolY
Children 4 Most
Portland Street North, OL6 7HW
0161 331 97402 SymbolY
Kids Planet Ashton
Stamford Street East, OL6 6NW
0161 343 45002 SymbolY
Kidz Stop Day Nursery
210 Katherine Street, OL6 7AS
077347697742 SymbolY
Little Giggles Private Day Nursery and Preschool
2 Evans Street, OL6 9QD
0161 331 93112 SymbolY
Little Red Day Nursery
48-50 Stamford Street East, OL6 6QH
0161 343 40702 SymbolY
Sky High Achievers Ashton
10 Taunton Road, OL7 9DR
0161 343 80722 SymbolY


Caroline Appleby
0161 344 0078
2 Symbol
Jane Barlow0161 308 38392 SymbolY
Gaynor Clarke074957110602 SymbolY

Jacqueline Goddard

07535 408119

2 SymbolY
Samantha Hibbert07903 9311662 SymbolY
Taryn Hodson07921 552 5962 SymbolY
Kornelia Jaswian07955 6590992 SymbolY
Urszula Kurylo07401 124 7152 SymbolY
Corinna Newall07904 8410062 SymbolY
Deborah Parsons07951 4769762 SymbolY
Gemma Louise Porritt07817 9127232 SymbolY

Tracy Pridham

0161 612 1497
07929 263843

2 SymbolY
Amy Roberts07446 9385762 SymbolY
Victoria Sharkey0161 285 1128
07954 306561
2 SymbolY
Carrie Sigley07727 6730392 SymbolY

Rebecca Swindells

07877 801808

2 SymbolY
Lisa Taylor07794 6425072 SymbolY
Alexandra Mary Winterbottom07572 2888472 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Aldwyn Primary School
Lumb Lane, M34 5SF

Mr Craig Beaty
0161 370 3626

Audenshaw Primary School
Ash Street, M34 5NG
Mr Philip Williams
0161 370 2504
Poplar Street Primary School
Ravenswood Drive, M34 5EF

Helen Fletcher
0161 336 4134

St Anne's RC Primary School
Clarendon Road, M34 5QA

Mrs Alicia Duffy
0161 370 8698


Day Nurseries

Children 4 Most at Squirrels Wood
Cemetery Road, M34 5AH
0161 336 32212 SymbolY

Kids Planet Audenshaw
Mount Pleasant Street, M34 5XX

0161 339 5001

2 SymbolY
Little Giggles Private Day Nursery & Pre-School - Audenshaw 
Guide Lane, M34 5BZ
0161 336 62572 SymbolY
The Learning Hive Nursery School
30 Manchester Road, M34 5GB
0161 371 78472 SymbolY


Yolanda Cheshire

07305 9545892 SymbolY

Amanda Cookson

07722 569361

2 SymbolY

Denise Fitzgerald


2 SymbolY
Rachael Hill0161 343 75812 SymbolY
Jennifer Hollingworth0161 336 8361 Or 07775 8670422 SymbolY

Sarah Hopkins

0161 301 2304
07903 698812

2 SymbolY

Sarah Roylance

07894 0762992 SymbolY

Natalie Rusholme

07800 576691

2 SymbolY

Theresa Shaw-Humphreys

07584 0882452 SymbolY

Jodie Stanton

07799 6308922 SymbolY

Sandra Young

07870 782144

2 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Corrie Primary School
Cemetery Road, M34 6FG

Mrs Naomi Cartledge
0161 336 2242

Dane Bank Primary School
Thornley Lane South, SK5 6QG

Ms Joanne Lennon
0161 336 5896

Denton West End Primary School
Balmoral Drive, M34 2JX
Mrs Sharron White
0161 336 3409
Greswell Primary School
Percy Road, M34 2DH
Mr John Cooper
0161 336 6854

Linden Road Academy
Linden Road, M34 6EF

Mr Peter Greaves
0161 320 0002



Manor Green Primary Academy
Mancunian Road, M34 7NS

Ms Victoria Saville
0161 336 5864



Russell Scott Primary School
Clare Street, M34 3LQ

Mr Stephen Marsland
0161 320 5186



St John Fisher RC Primary School
Manor Road, Haughton Green, M34 7SW

Mrs Mandy Harris
0161 336 5308



St Mary's RC Primary and Nursery School
Kynder Street, M34 2AR

Mr Neil Price
0161 336 3322



Playgroups and Pre-Schools 

Georgie Porgies Sessional Care Centre
5-7 Albert Street, M34 6LB
0161 320 16162 SymbolY
Marvels Kids Club Ltd
Corrie CP School, Cemetery Road, M34 6FG
07900 1025452 SymbolY
Windmill Lane Pre-School,
The Community of Christ Church Hall, Windmill Lane, M34 2FR
07957 466 5882 SymbolY

Day Nurseries 

Busy Kids Private Day Nursery
7-11 Ann Street, M34 2GJ
0161 336 49822 SymbolY
Georgie Porgies
17 Market Street, M34 2FH
0161 320 16162 SymbolY

Jungle Junction Denton
Duke Street, M34 2AN

0161 425 3031

2 SymbolY

Little Learners,
67 Stockport Road, Denton, M34 6NB

07961 461820

2 SymbolY
Kids Planet Denton
118 Ashton Road, M34 3JE
0161 335 99912 SymbolY
The Bungalow Private Day Nursery
132a Ashton Road, M34 3HR
0161 335 04842 SymbolY
Willow Green Day Nursery
Heanor Avenue, M34 7WU
0161 320 93302 SymbolY


Holly Aldous077606612762 SymbolY
Nicola Ball07939 663 8552 SymbolY

Holly Brooks

07772 565269

2 SymbolY
Amanda Carroll07963 178 7262 SymbolY
Tracy Cornwell

07724 175245

2 SymbolY
Lynsey Fletcher07817 7085312 SymbolY
Catrina Hayes0161 336 67442 SymbolY
Emily Handy Hewlett07962 389 7712 SymbolY
Annmarie Laing07727 230 2842 SymbolY

Nuala Lohan

07967 6287362 SymbolY
Milvi McKendry077083891942 SymbolY
Peter Nothard07528 1742722 SymbolY
Claire Oxley07985 744 5202 SymbolY
Clare Potts0161 335 92012 SymbolY
Sarah Quinn07875 7514752 SymbolY

Emma Rowen

07976 362696

2 SymbolY
Elizabeth Spain0161 320 7009
07847 186 598
2 SymbolY
Claire Stevenson07495 7470022 SymbolY

Susan Willocks

0161 465 9130
07851 866207

2 SymbolY
Kathryn Yates07949 4671682 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Fairfield Road Primary School
Fairfield Road, M43 6AF

Mr Alec Stephenson
0161 370 3625



Greenside Primary School
Greenside Lane, M43 7RA

Mrs Judith Reynolds
0161 370 8496



Manchester Road Primary Academy
Manchester Road, M43 6GD

Ms Joanne Taylor
0161 370 3079



Moorside Primary Academy
Market Street, M43 7DA

Sam Ismail
0161 370 3614



St Mary's CE Primary School
Church Street, M43 7BR

Mr Chris Quinn
0161 370 3948



St Stephen's RC Primary School
Chappell Road, M43 7NA

Connor Lavin
0161 370 2071



Playgroups and Pre-Schools

Fairfield Education and Childcare,
Fairfield Children's Centre, Fairfield Road, M43 6AF

07578 435686
07809 895414

2 SymbolY
Infinity Childcare Ltd 
Hart House, 234 Market Street, M43 7AZ
0161 370 1111
2 Symbol
Launch Pad Pre-School
Baguley Street, M43 7BB
0161 370 08182 SymbolY
Sunshine Pre-School,
Church of the Epiphany, Merton Drive, M43 6BH
0161 612 00692 SymbolY

Day Nurseries

Greenside Day Nursery
Greenside Children's Centre, Greenside Lane, M43 7RA
0161 301 55572 SymbolY
Space Station Day Nursery
Market Street, M43 7AZ
0161 370 1152
2 SymbolY


Angela Bailey0161 370 68142 SymbolY
Elmarie Carter0161 371 5524
07960 501939
2 SymbolY
Justyna Dobrek077461656262 SymbolY
Emma Gillan07717 7530322 SymbolY
Jill Gore075279439722 SymbolY
Sarah Haldane07546 0615072 SymbolY
Alison Claire Hall07594 0993492 SymbolY
Stephanie Heaton07545 1764982 SymbolY
Susan Heaton0161 285 7433
07812 169163
2 SymbolY

Jemma Keary

07983 258535

2 SymbolY
Stacey King07445 945 2472 SymbolY
Kylie Lawless07517 4732132 SymbolY

Jodie Wylie

07845 612048

2 SymbolY
Jane Richardson0161 301 50442 SymbolY
Donna Rigby07946 6711612 SymbolY
Carol Roberts07921 1242582 SymbolY
Julie Sherlock07832 2540492 SymbolY
Gillian Tuke

07768 720505

2 SymbolY

Diane Walker

07918 128551

2 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Broadbent Fold Primary School
Tennyson Avenue, SK16 5DP

Ms Catherine Parker
0161 303 9411


Lyndhurst Community Primary School
Hill Street, SK16 4JS

Gemma Patterson
0161 330 7220


Ravensfield Primary School
Clarendon Street, SK16 4JG

Mrs Ruth Dawson (Acting Head)
0161 344 2905


St John's CE Primary School
Westmorland Avenue, SK16 5JA

Mrs Vicki Hewitt-Lee 
0161 338 5821

 CE (VC)

Yew Tree Community Primary School
Yew Tree Lane, SK16 5BJ

Suzanne Lomax
0161 338 3452



Playgroups and Pre-Schools

Busy Bees Pre-School
Scout Hut,
Dukinfield Allotments, Lodge Lane, Dukinfield, SK16 5JF
07984 190 8552 SymbolY

Day Nurseries

Boat House Day Nursery
Town Lane, SK16 4BX
0161 330 77042 SymbolY
Kiddi Day Kare Dukinfield
103 Crescent Road, SK16 4HG
07984 994 3242 SymbolY
Kids Planet Dukinfield
Jeffrey's Drive, SK16 4BZ
0161 308 20202 SymbolY

Kinder Giggles Nursery & Pre-School
New Century House, Victoria Road, SK16 4XS

0161 338 5977

2 SymbolY
Rainbow Nursery
11 Hall Green Road, SK16 4EP
0161 637 33932 SymbolY


David Bonilla0161 339 2538
07973 744892
2 SymbolY
Lisa Bridge07825 0182132 SymbolY
Debbie Constantine07903 7183742 SymbolY
Michelle Cooper07446 1626842 SymbolY
Holly Murray077882903772 SymbolY

Karen Reynolds

0161 303 2192 or 07825 020077

2 SymbolY
Karen Roddy07768 139 1912 SymbolY

Ka Yiu Veronica Scott

07702 2361692 SymbolY

Anita Smart

0161 303 88052 SymbolY
Leanne Vardy07908 4777232 SymbolY
Lesley Warran0161 338 3175
07958 170866
2 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Bradley Green Primary Academy
Bradley Green Road, Newton, SK14 4NA

Mrs Vicky Cameron
0161 368 2166



Dowson Primary School
Malborough Road, SK14 5HU

Ms Kathryn Thornburn
0161 366 0177



Endeavour Primary Academy
Walker Lane, SK14 5PL

Mrs Carol Rhodes
0161 368 3366

Flowery Field Primary School
Off Old Road, SK14 4SQ

Mrs Claire Silk
0161 368 1466



Gee Cross Holy Trinity C of E Primary School
Higham Lane, SK14 5LX

Mrs Sue Lane
0161 368 2911



Godley Community Primary Academy
St John's Drive, SK14 2QB

Mrs Suzanne Clawley-Welton
0161 368 3162



Greenfield Primary School and Early Years Centre
Queen Street, SK14 1QD

Mrs Melanie Eccles
0161 368 1898



Oakfield Primary School and Moderate Learning Difficulties Resource Base,
St Mary's Road, SK14 4EZ

Mrs Heather Farrell 
0161 368 3365



St George's CE Primary School
Henry Street, SK14 1JL

Nicola Hewitt
0161 368 2848



St Paul's Catholic Primary School
Turner Lane, SK14 4AG

Ms Marie Flynn
0161 368 2934



Day Nurseries

ABC Day Nursery,
Onward House, Onward Street, SK14 1HW
0161 637 65752 SymbolY
Children 4 Most at Flowery Field,
Hyde Flowery Centre, Old Road, SK14 4SQ
0161 351 96752 SymbolY
Hyde Woodland Day Nursery
Gordon Street, SK14 1PL
0161 351 98882 SymbolY
Kiddi Day Kare Hyde
126 Clarendon Road, SK14 2LJ
07984 9943242 SymbolY
Quadrant House Private Day Nursery
2 Reynard Street, SK14 2HW
0161 222 34552 SymbolY
The Sunflower Centre
Victoria Street
SK14 4AA
0161 882 99592 SymbolY

The Village Nursery and Pre-School
384 Stockport Road, SK14 5RY

0161 366 5667

2 SymbolY
The Yellow Door Day Nursery
57 High Street, Hyde, SK14 2PU
0161 222 84002 SymbolY
Treetops Brookbank
239 Mottram Road, SK14 2PE
0161 366 16452 SymbolY


Kelly Brooks07710 5340692 SymbolY
Teresa Derby07837 3374592 SymbolY
Winifred Egan07375 455 5572 SymbolY

Jamie Guarino

0161 351 9490
07427 690818

2 SymbolY
Deborah Halligan07780 3309772 SymbolY
Victoria Kennedy07788 4006752 SymbolY

Gillian Lloyd

0161 368 1154

2 SymbolY
Leanne Priestley
07725 149348
2 Symbol
Hayley Rimmer07590 5151132 SymbolY
Donna Smith07532 7241862 SymbolY
Catherine Wheatley07969 1344812 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Arundale Primary School
Lowry Grove, Mottram, SK14 6PW

Mr Peter Hartley
01457 762 328

Discovery Academy
Porlock Avenue, SK14 3LE
Ms Beverley Oldham – Principal
0161 368 5962
Pinfold Primary School
Hattersley Road East, SK14 3NL
Mrs Jennifer Hughes
0161 368 3732
St James Catholic Primary School
Underwood Road, SK14 3DQ
Mrs Jackie Walker
0161 368 3455
RC (VA) 

Day Nurseries 

Sky High Achievers Melandra,
Hattersley Children's Centre, Melandra Crescent, SK14 3RB

0161 312 2038

2 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Hollingworth Primary School
Market Street, Hollingworth, SK14 8LP
Mrs Susan Tickle
01457 761 588

Playgroups and Pre-Schools

Broadbottom Pre-School Playgroup
Community Centre, Market Street, Broadbottom, SK14 6AA
01457 764 4232 SymbolY

Day Nurseries

Forest Feet Outdoor  Nursery Lymefield Outdoor Learning Centre Lower Market Street, Lymefield Broadbottom, SK14 6AG

01457 764990
2 Symbol
Thorncliffe Barn Private Day Nursery
Thorncliffe Farm, SK14 8JJ
01457 763 4122 SymbolY


Julie Bardsley01457 7628042 SymbolY
Tracey Davey07955 2940502 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Livingstone Primary School
Valeside, OL5 0AP

Ms Rebecca Willard
01457 832 495

Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School
The Rowans, OL5 9DR

Ms Laura Trelfa
01457 832 128

Milton St John's CE Primary School
Mill Lane, OL5 0BN

Ms Lisa Gallaher
01457 832 572

St George’s COE Primary School
Stamford Street, Mossley, OL5 0HT
Carolyn Divers
01457 832496
St Joseph's Primary School
Marker Street, OL5 0ES

Mrs Irene Williams 
01457 832 360


Day Nurseries

Castle Top Private Day Nursery, Castle Top Building
The Roaches, off Manchester Road, OL5 9BL
01457 833 3222 SymbolY
Firestation Day Nursery
The Old Firestation, Manchester Road, OL5 9BB
01457 834 8902 SymbolY


Melanie Blackwell01457 8394632 SymbolY
Tracy Colgan07881 7530092 SymbolY

Eryn Whittaker

 01457 516716
07795 170937

2 SymbolY



Name and AddressHeadteacher
Contact Telephone Number
Denomination/Can Accept 2 Year OldsRegistered for delivery of all or part of 30 Hours Funding

School Nurseries

Arlies Primary School
Broadhill Road, SK15 1HQ

Mrs Lucy Hughes
0161 338 4854

Gorse Hall Primary School
Forrester Drive, SK15 2DP

Miss Alex Flood
0161 338 4262

Millbrook Primary School
Bank Road, off Huddersfield Road, SK15 3JX

Ms Elizabeth Turner
01457 834 314

Silver Springs Primary Academy
School Crescent, SK15 1EA

Mrs Deborah Mason
0161 338 2475

St Peter's Catholic Primary School
Hough Hill Road, SK15 2HB

Mrs Katherine Ryan
0161 338 3303

St Raphael's Catholic Primary School
Huddersfield Road, SK15 3JL

Mrs Lynn Lakner
0161 338 4095

Wild Bank Community School
Demesne Drive, SK15 2PG

Miss Janet Postlethwaite
0161 303 7404


Independent Schools

Trinity School
Birbeck Street, SK15 1SH
0161 303 0674 Y

Day Nurseries

Bright Futures Private Day Nursery
Swallow Lane, Carrbrook, SK15 3NU
01457 836 5522 SymbolY
Grow Happy Childcare
Unit 1, Rayners House, Bridge Street
SK15 1PF
0161 338 78952 SymbolY
Kids Planet Stalybridge
83 Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, SK15 2PT                                                    
0161 303 22262 SymbolY
Hill Top Private Day Nursery
Stalyhill Drive, off Mottram Old Road, SK15 2TR
01457 767 4002 SymbolY
Little Angels
North End House, North End Road, SK15 3AZ
0161 637 27172 SymbolY
Sky High Achievers Stalybridge
Silverthorne Close, Stalybridge, SK15 2DQ
0161 304 07222 SymbolY
Sunflower Stalybridge
Gorse Hall Day Centre, High Street, SK15 1SE
0161 343 30152 SymbolY


Adele Brophy0161 304 92812 SymbolY
Alison Couper0161 338 4304
07765 218798
2 SymbolY
Gemma Denton07909 292 0252 SymbolY

Joanne Griffiths

0161 338 2675
07507 898390

2 SymbolY

Coral Harrison

07798 890187

2 SymbolY

Suzanne McDonald

0161 304 8605
07968 560425

2 SymbolY
Michelle Mellor07719 4522212 SymbolY
Eva Morreale01457 8363622 SymbolY
Tanya Reade07866 6888552 SymbolY
Lisa Shelley079579836792 SymbolY
Amanda Wassall077485046072 SymbolY
Julie Wardhaugh07794 3769822 SymbolY
Alexandra Wray-Lang07721 6952492 SymbolY



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