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Full Time Student Discounts


Frequently Asked Questions


The full council tax bill assumes that there are 2 adults residing in a dwelling. However, for council tax purposes certain people will not be counted when looking at the number of adults.

What are the conditions under which a student may be disregarded?

The person must be either;

  • attending a full-time course of further or higher education at a University, College or other educational establishment which lasts for at least one Academic/Calendar year. Students must also be required to attend the course for periods of at least twenty four weeks in the year and be required to study for at least twenty one hours per week on average when in attendance.
  • Or if under 20 years of age and attending a course which lasts more than 3 calendar months and involves at least 12 hours per week to be spent on the relevant activities of the course. The course must not be undertaken by correspondence, or in consequence of the person's job.
  • The third category of student refers to foreign language assistants, who are treated as students during any period that they are appointed as such at a school or other educational establishment anywhere in Great Britain, provided that they are registered as foreign language assistants with the British Council.

What happens during vacations?

The person will continue to be disregarded throughout the whole period of their course, which includes vacations between terms.

How do I apply?

Complete this Council Tax Discount Form. Once it has been assessed you will be notified of our decision.

For how long will the discount be allowed?

For as long as there are less than two adults in the property who are not disregarded. If there is any change in circumstances then you must notify us. Failure to do so may result in a penalty being imposed.

Who to contact

If you live in Ashton or Mossley:
Telephone Number 0161 342 2015 Fax Number 0161342 2012 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Ashton/Mossley Council Tax Team

If you live in Denton or Dukinfield:
Telephone Number 0161342 2099 Fax Number 0161 342 2012 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Denton/Dukinfield Council Tax Team

If you live in Audenshaw, Hyde or Longdendale:
Telephone Number 0161 342 2065 Fax Number 0161342 2012 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Audenshaw/Hyde/Longdendale Council Tax Team

If you live in Droylsden or Stalybridge:
Telephone Number 0161 342 2080 Fax Number 0161342 2012 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Droylsden/Stalybridge Council Tax Team