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Frequently Asked questions

General Information

Council Tax is based on two adults being resident in the property.

If only one person is resident they are entitled to a 25% discount, see Single Person Discount.

If nobody is resident in a property the bill may be reduced please go to ‘Council Tax Discounts’ for further explanation of the discounts available.

Certain properties could be 100% exempt even if they are occupied (special conditions apply). See Exemptions

Certain people will not be counted when looking at the number of adults resident in a property if they meet certain conditions. These people are know as "disregarded for discount purposes."

If you live in an Annexe owned by a relative you may be entitled to a discount of 50%. See Annex Discount.

Will I qualify?

The person responsible for paying the bill can make the claim. If all but one of the adults in the property fulfil the criteria in any one of the categories listed in the table below, the discount will be applicable. Click the relevant link below to find out more.

Types of People who may be disregarded for discount purposes


How much discount will I get?

If all but one of the adults are disregarded the discount will be 25%.

If all the residents are disregarded the discount will be 50%.

How long will the discount last?

The discount continues for as long as the qualifying criteria is met.

We must be informed within 21 days of any change which may affect the discount, if not a penalty could be incurred.

What if I forget to tell you about a change?

We will write to you each year to check if the circumstances are still the same. If you haven't previously told us about a change it will be backdated and you will have to make payment of any arrears promptly.

Who to contact

Council Tax – for enquiries regarding registration, exemptions and discounts.
Telephone Number 0161 342 2015
Send Electronic Message Send the Council Tax Team a Message

Revenues – for enquiries regarding a Council Tax Reminder, Final notice or recovery action that is being taken.
Telephone Number 0161 342 2045
Send Electronic Message Send the Revenues Team a Message