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Abandoned Cars

The Council has a duty to remove vehicles that have been abandoned without lawful authority.

We will:

  • Endeavour to remove dangerous vehicles within twenty-four hours. Vehicles of this nature are generally fit for destruction, poor condition, hot-wired, vandalized, no petrol cap, flat tyres, insecure etc. (under direction from the police).
  • Inspect all vehicles of a non-dangerous nature within seven days and take appropriate action. Vehicles that meet the above criteria are generally out of tax for more than thirty days may have flat tyres, untidy appearance and are secure.
  • Serve notices on vehicles and/or landowners giving prescribed periods of notice before removal.

You can help us by:

  • Disposing of unwanted vehicles using a vehicle salvage operator
  • Not using the Public Highway to store your vehicle whilst awaiting repairs
  • Not leaving unattached caravans or trailers on the Public Highway for extended periods of time
  • Reporting apparently abandoned vehicles - use our online reporting system
  • Reporting vehicles in the categories below to the organizations given

We have no authority to remove vehicles:

  • Which are only untaxed and being used on the public highway - they should be reported to the DVLA (Telephone Number: 0800 032 52 02)
  • Which are only causing an obstruction - these should be reported to the Police (Telephone Number: 0161 872 5050)
  • Which are on Private Land with the landowners consent - there is no enforcing authority for these

Reporting an abandoned vehicle:

Use our online reporting system to report an abandoned vehicle, or to chase progress of an earlier report.

Reporting an untaxed vehicle:

If you wish to report an untaxed vehicle, contact:

Vehicle Registration Office (Untaxed Vehicle)
Chester Road, Manchester M32 0SL
Telephone Number 08702 412 146

If you are unhappy:

If you have had recent dealings with us and did not receive this level of service or are unhappy with the content of the above statement please let us know by making a complaint online.

Report an Abandoned

Report an abandoned car

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