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Ashton Moss Innovation Park

Located close to Ashton-under-Lyne town centre conveniently close to the M60 motorway, Ashton Moss Innovation Park is more than just a location – it's a vision. The aim is to shape a dynamic, attractive, and thriving innovation park that not only contributes to a greener, cleaner Tameside but also becomes a hub for economic growth.
Strategic Location:
Situated on approximately seventy hectares of privately owned land, Ashton Moss is strategically divided into two areas – Ashton Moss East (AME) and Ashton Moss West (AMW). Its accessibility makes it an ideal magnet for inward investment, job creation, and the development of green infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with local active travel networks.
Our Objectives:
At the core of Ashton Moss Innovation Park's strategic objectives are:
Connected Employment Hub: Maximize the strategic location to create a connected employment hub adaptable to various future uses.
Outward Facing Offer: Develop an outward facing offer that complements the scenic landscape of the site.
Active Environment: Foster an active environment linked to local pedestrian and cycle movement networks, promoting fluid movement within and around the site.
Good Neighbour: Strive to be a good neighbour, respecting green edges, residential amenity, and the industrial and commercial settings.
Natural Place: Embrace the existing environmental assets, minimize environmental impacts, and reduce overall footprint.
Employment Opportunities: Maximize potential for employment, creating opportunities for businesses of various sizes with built-in flexibility.
Development Framework:
In January 2024, Tameside Council's Executive Cabinet approved the Ashton Moss Development Framework, a crucial step towards unlocking the potential of the land. This framework serves as a comprehensive guide, offering scenarios for potential occupiers, investors, and developers. It outlines a vision for the regeneration of Ashton Moss, emphasizing economic, social, environmental, and infrastructure benefits for Tameside.
Download the Development Framework here
Opportunity Awaits:
The proposed development is not just about structures and spaces; it's about creating opportunities. Ashton Moss is looking to contribute to job creation, attracting a skilled workforce, and welcoming new, innovative businesses in advanced manufacturing. Together, let us build on the rich heritage and strengths of Tameside in the manufacturing industry.
Get in Touch:
Excited about the possibilities? To find out more or register your interest in Ashton Moss, email Andrew Wood at