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Ashton Moss West Development Framework

The primary purpose of this the development framework will be to support the delivery of the strategic site allocation in the PfE plan that will ultimately be approved by the Council. The principle objective of this exercise is to bring forward a coherent development framework for Ashton Moss which will set out the types of uses that will be delivered, the development quantum, alongside transport, social and green infrastructure requirements.

Additionally, given that the site is currently designated as Green Belt, but is proposed to be allocated for development and the Green Belt boundary amended in this location through Places for Everyone, the Development Framework will help to demonstrate the deliverability of this site and that its proposed allocation within the plan is sound and justified.

The Ashton Moss West Development Framework will:
  1. Shape development parcels through consideration of site constraints and the outcomes of a range of strategic evidence base documents; covering transport, flooding, drainage, utilities, green infrastructure, ecology and environmental, all of which are being undertaken and managed by the appointed PM team;
  2. Ensure an integrated approach to infrastructure to support the scale of the whole development by including a high-level Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  3. Set the quantum of development with proposals to deliver around 175,000 square metres of employment floorspace, primarily within the B1b, B1c and B2 use classes;
  4. Set important design consistency parameters that will help to secure high quality, low carbon designs of buildings and ensure sensitivity to adjoining land uses;
  5. Define new character areas where appropriate, with a sense of place and ensuring integration across the area;
  6. Make provision for high quality public realm and the potential for accessible public open space;
  7. Contribute to improved linkages and accessibility with the surrounding area which the infrastructure can help to deliver;
  8. Establish a clear phasing strategy and delivery rates,
  9. Reflect the NPPF, emerging thematic PfE policies and other relevant local and national planning policy requirements.

Ashton Moss Site Plan