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Future St Petersfield

St Petersfield sits within the middle of the Ashton Mayoral Development Zone which comprises Ashton Town Centre and Ashton Moss West. The St Petersfield Masterplan identified nine development opportunities that offer something special: a modern business district, which is accessible, green and designed to the highest sustainability standards. Its public realm will be enlivened by a mix of uses, including residential, creative studios, cafés and communal spaces which will bring energy and activity throughout the day.

St Petersfield provides a fantastic opportunity for new patterns of work to grow and thrive. The nine development sites offer an accessible, active, and highly connected place to do business, to live and play – all within a town centre location. The developments include proposals for over 60 new homes, 18,000 sqm commercial/office floor space, 4,500sqm hotel space, and food and drink establishments.

The council owns the majority of the sites earmarked for work and is in a very strong position to drive this development over the coming months and years. This development, which has been made possible through Evergreen Funding, has the potential to create 1,900 new jobs for the borough.

Consultants led by LDA Design including CBRE, TODD Architects, Curtins and Partisan have prepared a masterplan and development prospectus for St Petersfield. This was supported by consultation work with major stakeholders, businesses, local residents and local ward members.

St Petersfield provides an opportunity to create a modern, tailored development for Tameside that’s a hub for the growth of the digital, creative and tech sectors in the borough. The location already provides Internet connectivity to match that available at Media City, thanks to a dark fibre network and data centre housed in Ashton Old Baths

Tameside Council will actively seek partners that can help deliver massive change to this area through an overarching vision that promotes growth, sustainability, health and well-being, hybrid working and community.

The St Petersfield masterplan provides a roadmap for how the public and private sector will work together to deliver new development and place-making to provide genuine, impactful change at St Petersfield, and across the town centre.

Future St Petersfield

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