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Child Employment - A Guide for Employers

If you are an Employer and want a child to work for you, you need a work permit!


Advice for Employers

  • Have you applied for a work permit on behalf of the child (the law says you must)?
  • Have you carried out a Risk Assessment and shared it with the child's parent/carer?
  • Do you have Employers Liability Insurance?
  • Has the child been adequately trained for the job he/she is required to do and made aware of any risks which may be involved?
  • Have you supplied the child with all necessary safety equipment and clothing?
  • You shouldn't ask any child to do work that has not been previously agreed with the Licensing Authority.
  • Employers must be mindful of the child's welfare when in their employment.
  • Employers should encourage the child to tell them if anyone at work is making them feel anxious or uncomfortable by what was being said or done to them.

The Law says that: No child under the age of 13 years can be employed


Children aged 13 and 14

May only be employed in light work, for up to 5 hours on any day on which they are not expected to attend school, up to a maximum of 25 hours each week. This does not include Sundays.


Children aged 15 and 16

May work for up to 8 hours on any day that they are not expected to attend school, except Sundays, up to a maximum of 35 hours in any week.



A child may work for up to 2 hours on any Sunday between the hours 7.00am and 7.00pm.

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Child Employment

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