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What to do if you can't pay your Council Tax

There are several ways you can pay your Council Tax which is outlined on the reverse of your Council Tax Bill. You have the right to pay by 10 statutory monthly instalments for the annual bill, payable on 1st of each month, April to January. Payments can also be made by Direct Debit on 1st, 15th or 23rd of each month.

For people who may find monthly payments difficult, the bill can be paid by weekly or fortnightly payments. If you choose this method you will need to notify the Council Tax Section so that we can amend your instalment details.

We are determined to collect Council Tax to protect services and safeguard the interests of regular payers who pay on time. Where people fall behind with their payments to the extent we have to take them to Court, they will have to pay the additional costs involved.

More information on recovery of unpaid Council Tax.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please make early contact with the Council Tax Section by phoning your area helpline who will check that your bill is correct and identify any reductions you may be entitled to that you have not claimed. For information on Council Tax Benefit, discounts, disabled relief, exemptions please see the leaflet which accompanied your Council Tax bill.

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