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Person Centered Tools and Guidance

This paperwork is for early year’s settings and is used to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

This replaces any paperwork previously displayed on the Early Years Provider Development Team website.

4+1 Question Review Guidance Word Doc

4+1 Question Example Word Doc

4 + 1 Question Example Blank Word Doc

4+1 blank copy Happy Hedgehogs Word Doc

Chronology Sheet Word Doc

Invitation Template Word Doc

PCP-Review Meeting Suggested Template SEN-Support Word Doc

Person Centred Review-Tools and Strategies Guidance Word Doc

Guidance for 6 monthly EHCP review Word Doc

SEN-Support Information Sharing Word Doc

What Are Person Centred Approaches Guidance Word Doc

Whats Working-Not Working Template Word Doc

WhatsWorking-NotWorkingTemplate Happy Hedgehogs Word Doc

One Page Profile Explanation Word Doc

One Page Profile Blank Word Doc

One page profile example pdf

One page profile information guidance side 1 pdf

One page profile guidance side 2 pdf

Summary of tracking SEND information Template Happy Hedgehogs.docx  Word Doc

Please attend SENCO surgeries if you require any further advice and guidance.

For your continued professional development (CPD) you can access:

• Introduction to Special Educational Needs with the EYFS and
• SEND practitioner training
• SEND Network

Please see the training page for more details.

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