Pest Control Services


Charges 2018/2019
Applicable from 1 April 2018

Please note the council do not treat Bees. You could contact the beekeepers association to see if they can help.

Domestic Premises


Service Charges Notes FAQs
Public Health Pests £41.67 + vat (£50.00)  Wasps FAQ Index
Standard Charge public health pests and non Public Health Pests £58.33 + vat (£70.00) Rats, mice, ants, fleas, clover mites, silverfish, woodlice, garden beetles, earwigs, flies, dermestes and spider beetles, plaster beetle, food infestation insects, and non-identified insects

FAQ Index

Bedbugs and cockroaches

£100 + vat (£120)

Trap Hire (Squirrels) £58.33 + vat (£70.00) for 28 days hire plus £29.17 plus vat (£35) per subsequent visit   Squirrel FAQs

Feral Pigeon Treatments (internal)

Prices are from

£58.33 + vat (£70.00)
Evening £1.33.33 + vat (£160)
These are minimum rates and may be subject to a quotation Pigeon FAQs
Treatments where keys picked up  £29.17 + vat (£35) Charges where keys are picked up from another site or office  
Investigation of roof space noise £100 + vat (£120)    


Commercial Premises


Service Charges Notes
Rodent Control Treatments £120 + vat (£150.00) subject to quotation Inclusive of 3 visits. Minimum and maximum costs. Average costs £115- £150
Rodent Control Contracts from £200 + vat(£240) (cost based on size of premises) 8 visits per year plus 2 free insect treatments (non food pests)
Insect Treatments from £120 + vat (£150) Quotation given by officer on visit.
Feral Pigeon Treatments Daytime From £120 + vat (£150)
Evening From £208.33 + vat (£250)
These are minimum rates and may be subject to quotation



  • If you require any of the above services please contact the call centre on 0161 342 8355
  • New Charter Housing tenants - work undertaken following official request from New Charter staff only.
  • Manchester City Housing tenants pay the charges above unless an official order is received from Manchester City Council.
  • Where a private tenant (including Housing Associations) is requesting a chargeable service they must first obtain a written confirmation and order from their landlord or pay for the service in advance.
  • Churches are dealt with under Commercial Rates.
  • Second and subsequent wasps nests on the same site treated at time of first nest at half rate.
  • Revisit to original wasp nest not destroyed - no charge. Wasp nest treatments do not include removal of nest.
  • Void Properties in management of Estate Agents - Fleas are charged at Standard Charge Domestic Rates.