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Pest Control Services


Charges 2023/2024
Applicable from 1 April 2023






£50.00 + vat (£60.00)

We do not remove the nest

Standard Charge Non Public Health Pests and Public health pests

£83.33 + vat (£100.00)

Ants, fleas, clover mites, silverfish, woodlice, garden beetles, earwigs, flies, dermestes and spider beetles, plaster beetle, food infestation insects and non-identified insects

Bedbugs & Cockroach’s

£128 + vat (£160)

Minimum charge subject to quotation

Rats ,Mice and Squirrels

£125.00 + vat (£150)

Up to a maximum of 2 visits within a 4 week period

Feral Pigeon Treatments (internal)

Prices are from

Daytime £83.33 + vat (£100)
Evening £166.67 + vat (£200)

There are minimum rates and may be subject to quotation

Investigation of roof space noise

£128 + vat (£160)






Rodent Control Treatments

From £166.67 +vat (£200)

Inclusive of 2 visits. Minimum and maximum costs. Average costs £200- £300

Rodent Control Contracts

From £250 + vat (£300)
(cost based on size of premises)

6 visits per year plus free call out within working hours.

Insect Treatments  from

£166.67 + vat (£200)

Quotation given by officer on visit


£50 + vat (£60)

We do not remove the nest

Feral Pigeon Treatments from

Daytime £166.67 + vat (£200)
Evening £250 + vat (£300)

These are minimum rates and may be subject to quotation



  • If the service required is not covered above contact Call Centre on 0161 342 8355.
  • Jigsaw Homes. Work undertaken following official request from Jigsaw Homes staff only.
  • Manchester City Housing tenants pay the charges above unless an official order is received from Manchester Council and jigsaw homes.
  • Where a private tenant (including Housing Associations) is requesting a chargeable service they must first obtain a written confirmation and order from their landlord or pay for the service in advance.
  • Churches are dealt with under the Commercial Rates.
  • Second and subsequent wasp nests on same site treated at time of first nest at half rate.
  • Revisit to original wasp nest not destroyed – no charge. Wasp nest treatments do not include removal of nest.
  • Void Properties in management of Estate Agents – Fleas are charged at Standard Charge Domestic Rates.
  • Rodent treatments are a maximum of two visits and to be completed within a month of commencing.
  • We will not carry out any treatments on any form of bee’s nest, Callout charges will still apply