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Pest Control Services

Pest Control COVID-19 Update

Following the announcement of the new lockdown on 4 January 2021, Pest Control Officers are still permitted to carry out visits/treatments in domestic and commercial premises to deal with Public Health issues but ensuring strict COVID protection measures are in place and adhered to.  Please be aware that the only payment method will be by debit card, which the Council officer will take on a hand held device during the visit.


Charges 2021/2022
Applicable from 1 April 2021

Domestic Premises

Service Charges Notes
Rats and Mice £96 + vat (£120.00) Up to a maximum of 3 visits within a 4-week period.
Wasps £41.67 + vat (£50.00)  
Standard Charge Non Public Health Pests and Public health pests £70.83 + vat (£85.00) Ants, fleas, clovermites, silverfish, woodlice, garden beetles, earwigs, flies, demestes and spider beetles, plaster beetle, food infestation insects and non-identified insects

Bedbugs & Cockroach’s

£116.67 + vat (£140.00)  
Trap Hire (Squirrels) £70.83 + vat (£85.00) for 28 days hire, plus £29.17 + vat (£35.00) per subsequent visit  

Feral Pigeon Treatments (internal)

Prices are from

Daytime £70.83 + vat (£85.00)

Evening £133.33 + vat (£160.00)
There are minimum rates and may be subject to quotation
Investigation of roofspace noise £116.67 + vat (£140.00)  
Commercial contracts Subject to quotation.  



  • If the service required is not covered above contact Call Centre on 0161 342 8355.
  • Jigsaw Homes. Work undertaken following official request from Jigsaw Homes staff only.
  • Manchester City Housing tenants pay the charges above unless an official order is received from Manchester Council and jigsaw homes.
  • Where a private tenant (including Housing Associations) is requesting a chargeable service they must first obtain a written confirmation and order from their landlord or pay for the service in advance.
  • Churches are dealt with under the Commercial Rates.
  • Second and subsequent wasp nests on same site treated at time of first nest at half rate.
  • Revisit to original wasp nest not destroyed – no charge. Wasp nest treatments do not include removal of nest.
  • Void Properties in management of Estate Agents – Fleas are charged at Standard Charge Domestic Rates.
  • Rodent treatments are a maximum of three visits and to be completed within a month of commencing.
  • We wil not carry out any treatments on any form of bee’s nest, Callout charges will still apply