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Ants/Flying Ants


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do ants usually nest?

Garden ants usually nest outside in lawns, flower beds, beneath paving flags and at the base of walls.

Why do ants come into the house?

Houses are usually invaded by the worker ants foraging for food especially sweet foods. If food is found by one ant there will soon be others and a trail of worker ants take food back to the nest.

How do you eliminate an infestation of ants?

It will be necessary to find the nest and kill the queen ant. If the nest can be found and exposed this can be done by pouring boiling water into it. However finding the nest is not always possible. Therefore regular cleaning and vacuuming of the house will help.

What if I cant find the nest?

If it is not possible to find the nest you can use an insecticidal dust or spray for the control of crawling insects for treatment outside the building and the ground around. Always pay attention to entry points such as doorframes, airbricks and waste pipes.

If you elect to treat the ants yourself pesticides that contain Bendiocarb are found to be the most effective inside and outside the home, care must be taken to follow the manufacturers instructions.

Do ants spread disease?

No ants do not spread disease

Do ants bite?

Garden ants do not bite but red ants do.

I have been quoted £300 to remove an ants nest - how much do you charge?

Our charge is for treatment only as eliminating the whole nest is not always possible.

I've got flying ants what can I do?

Open your windows to allow them to fly out. During the summer the winged ants leave the nest and take flight during this flight the ants mate, sometimes this process can last for 2 - 3 hours and may fly inside buildings. You can overcome this problem by using a flying insect aerosol spray.

Where can I buy something to get rid of ants?

You can buy ant repellent from most hardware shops and garden centres.

Do they go back to the same nest?

No they never go back to the same nest and only move if they have been disturbed.

Can an ants nest be removed?

The ants nest cannot be removed only destroyed.

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