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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any legislation on Bird Control?

There are 2 Acts:

  • The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)
  • The European Bird Directive (1995)

What birds are covered in these Acts?

The pest bird species that can be controlled are :

  • Feral Pigeon
  • Wood Pigeon
  • Collared Dove
  • Jay
  • Crow
  • Great Black-back Gull
  • Lesser Black-back Gull
  • Herring Gull
  • Rook
  • Jackdaw
  • Magpie

Other birds can be controlled via special licences.

How can birds be stopped from perching on my property?

Bird netting can be 100% successful when installed correctly. Nets come in sizes to suit - House sparrows, starlings and feral pigeons, although it will exclude other birds as well. Sometimes netting can be bought in several colours to suit the buildings masonry.

Gel can be applied to ledges using a caulking gun and then painted with a sealing fluid. This creates an unpleasant and unstable surface under the birds feet which prevents perching.

Post and wire are tried and tested applications, which can be used on window ledges and ridges, which prevent the birds from gaining a foot hold.

Spike and point systems are simple to apply and are made up of strips containing various arrangements of upright metal or plastic pins to dissuade the birds from alighting onto the surface, particularly good on ornate buildings.

Do birds carry diseases?

There are numerous diseases carried by birds both on their bodies and from their droppings. "Pigeon fanciers lung" is a condition caused by birds feathers and dust, as is ornithosis and psittacosis.

The birds' droppings have disease causing organisms which can be passed by feeding on human food stuffs, i.e salmonella spp. E. coli. Cryptococcus - spp. Chlamydia psittaci and listeria spp.

My neighbour is feeding the birds how can I ask them to stop?

During the summer months there is no reason to feed birds as there is an abundance of natural food. During winter months putting food out to supplement their diet we would recommend the use of only traditional bird food such as nuts and seeds which should be put into containers designed for feeding birds. Also by feeding birds in the summer with hard seeds they become lazy and if the seeds are fed to their young it can kill them.

Loose food such as bread should not be left openly on grass or on outside tables as this may attract large birds which will discourage smaller birds from feeding.

Remember food that you put out for birds is also a food source for other animals including vermin.

Does the Council install bird netting?

The Council does not provide this service, we would recommend using a contractor who specializes in this type of deterrent.

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