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Rats and Mice

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of rats or mice?

The signs of rats or mice are droppings, rat runs, smears, foot and tail marks, holes and nests.

I've got rats or mice again how often do they breed?

Rats can produce 6-7 litters per year and mice up to 8 litters per year.

Do they only come at certain times of the year?

No not any more due to changes in the climate.

My neighbour has had rats and mice what can I do to prevent them coming into my property?

Rubbish and overgrown vegetation should be kept to a minimum. Make sure that food is stored in closed containers. Put rubbish in closed containers too.

Cats and dogs may deter rodents but if there is an established infestation this will not occur.

Do not feed birds particularly in the summer as it is essential to remove any food source to rats and mice.

If the rat is under the floorboards where do you bait?

The Pest Control Officer will survey the area to find the point where they are entering your property.

Do you go back to the property to check?

We will provide revisit sheets.

What is the treatment and how long does the bait last?

To control one or two rats in the garden usually requires up to 1 kilo of bait. For mice the quantity is vastly reduced but has to be topped up regularly and the mice can remove the bait and bury it.

Once the bait has been eaten it can take the rodent 4-10 days to die. Indeed you may have to wait up to two weeks before you start to see any decline in the infestation.

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