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Frequently Asked Questions

I've got squirrels in my loft, how can I get rid of them?

We provide a service, which involves setting a trap. This service is chargeable - see Pest control charges.

When do squirrels breed?

Squirrels start breeding around May/June. The babies become active after about 4 weeks. After 8 weeks they fend for themselves.

How many squirrels does a trap hold?

Usually one, but very occasionally 2 may get in or mother and baby.

Do we have any red squirrels in our area?

The red squirrels are an endangered species and are indigenous to this country. They are only present in a few places in the British Isles. We only have grey squirrels in Tameside which are classified as pests by DEFRA.

Will you release the grey squirrel after it is caught?

Unfortunately, the law requires us to destroy any trapped grey squirrels. We will do this in a humane way.

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