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Self-care week activities

Millbrook Care Home session for Remembrance day/Self Care Week

Self-care week was 15th-21st November, so naturally, we were out with gusto! Age Friendly Tameside organised an intergenerational event for Remembrance Day and Self-Care week on 15th October at Millbrook care home. This session involved the Youth Justice Service and residents of the care home exchanging letters of kindness, painted rocks and stories, ending with a yoga session led by local practitioner Claire Clayton. The residents commented on how the session had really brought joy to their day and were already looking forward to our next visit. One lady was so impressed with the yoga moves, she continued to do them after the session had finished. The rocks also brought a tear to their eye as they were so personal and emotional.

Wellness Event at 4C Community Centre


Age Friendly Tameside also organised the Wellness Event at 4C Community Centre on 16th November. This featured warm up sessions from Active Tameside, informative talks from Action Together and infection prevention, strength and balance exercises from our local NHS physio’s and the opportunity to have a health check from Be Well. It finished with a very calming and refreshing Tai Chi and meditation session from Age UK Tameside, all topped off with lovely refreshments courtesy of Eclectic Avenue café and fruit smoothies from our Nutrition and Hydration Champions! The event was well attended and fedback that they had learnt so much and appreciated the opportunity to talk with each of our professionals, have a personable health check or referral to social prescribers or health improvement specialist, as well as enjoying the interactive nature of the session.

Please see below a variety of information and guidance, including resources on keeping well at home, and over the winter; malnutrition prevention and awareness; the COVID-19 resources hub for those with dementia; and the Super 6 Walks Tracker – challenging you to stay active!

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Download Community Champions Newsletter Issue 2: Age Friendly Edition Download Community Champions Newsletter Issue 3: Age Friendly Edition    
Download Community Champions Newsletter: Age Friendly Edition GM Keeping Well Resources The Nutrition and Hydration Programme Falls Prevention
Community News Letter Keeping Well this Winter Live Well Live Well

Upcoming Event



COVID-19 resources hub for people affected by Dementia

The resource hub provides a wide range of guidance and information for people living with dementia and those that care for them. The website also signposts to where you can get the help and support you need, whether it’s help with shopping or support with your mental health and wellbeing.
All resources have been quality checked.  Click here to Visit the Dementia United website

COVID-19 Resource Hub

Tameside’s Super Six Walk Tracker

Residents in Tameside are being given the opportunity to challenge themselves by completing as many walks as they can in a month including one or more of the Super Six exercises (a programme of standing and sitting strength and balance exercises) as they go.
The Personal ‘Super Six Walks Tracker’ is aimed at anyone over the age of 50 or those who have been shielding over lockdown. It encourages users to add the exercises to the start and end of their walks, or at any rest points, using benches, trees or walls for support.

Find out more and download a tracker here:


Couch to Out and About walking and benches programme.

Stalybridge Couch to Out and About Benches and Walking Map

At Age Friendly Tameside, we launched the age friendly walking and benches project Couch to Out and About on 29th June in Stalybridge. The project includes 5 strategically placed benches and 7 walking routes across Central Stalybridge and Ridgehill including Stamford Park, the Boating Lake and Cheetham Park. These are brought together by a map which can be downloaded here which lists all the locations of the benches and walking routes, as well as guided walks by local organisations including BigLocal, St George’s Church and Holy Trinity Church. The benches are also all numbered, to make both the benches and the people using them easy to find by locals including local taxi drivers, with local firms adding the bench locations to their satnav lists.
The launch was a great success with residents, colleagues and Cllrs attending to support the project within government guidelines. These benches are also helping to keep residents covid safe as they have been designed to have a table in the middle, and are also social talking benches where users of the benches are encouraged to sit and chat. It would be great to see you using the walks and benches out and about this summer and beyond!
As part of this project, we also hope to be able to yarn bomb the benches at the end of summer up until International Day of Older Persons on 1st October, using designs from school children and knits from older people in an intergenerational project. This is supported by the intergenerational project we launched at Gorse Hall Primary School in Stalybridge earlier this year, where we recruited a number of older people for online activities with a small group of school children. Once able, these older people will continue their activities which include storytelling, reading, knitting and other arts and crafts, by attending the school in person and adding gardening to their repertoire.


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