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We are  continuing to work hard towards a suitable & workable solution in relation to Land Charges Searches, but until this solution can be finalised, agreed and confirmed to be safe for ALL parties, we have no alternative but to Temporarily suspend all activity at Heginbottom Mill.
A further update will be provided as soon as possible.

What's it all about?

When you are buying or selling a house, your solicitor will make a search of the Council's records to ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as motorways at the bottom of your garden or outstanding Notices requiring you to take action to remedy an earlier wrong doing.

Water Searches

United Utilities looks after the network of public sewers in Tameside. This is a change because until recently, we carried out the day to day work on sewers in our area. This work has now transferred to United Utilities.

If you are asking for a search to be undertaken or you are waiting to undertake a personal search, please contact United Utilities Map Services on Telephone Number 0870 7510101. Access Link to External Website for further information.

Click here for help and advice on highway drainage, land drainage or private drainage.


Please note from the 1st January 2017 VAT will be charged on CON29 & CON29O Revised (0.07MB) . Details of how to submit payments associated with requests for service/personal searches are also available within the ‘CON29 & CON29O Revised’ link

Full search both residential and commercial. £67.58
Con29R £45.48 (including VAT)
LLC1 £22.10
LLC1 extra neighbouring property £12.00
Extra part 2 questions £14.40 each (including VAT)
Extra parcel of land or adjacent property £12.00
Solicitors own written questions and/or copies of certificates, documents and notices (pre-2000) £30.00 (including VAT)
Personal search visit each address Free
Personal search neighbouring property Free
Commons / Village Green searches £14.40 (including VAT)


What is a Personal Search?

If you wish to look at the Local Land Charge Register you can do this free of charge. This involves going to Hegginbottom Mill, Old Street, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 7SF by appointment only and carrying out a search yourself. Whilst you are there you can look at the land charges register and you can also have access to the Councils planning register/GIS Planweb database and the ARC view highways software.

If for any reason the highways information is unavailable you should contact  

To arrange your half an hour slot you can e-mail to book an appointment. There are 2 appointments available at 10.00AM and 10.30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The council's computerised Building Regulations records do not extend back before 1 November 1999 so apart from using page (in development) to check that far back, prior non public records need to be searched manually. The Council can search such records for a fee of £20. Please email

Only the basic information that is required to be contained in these Registers is open for inspection.


Our Commitment to You

We aim to return all official searches within 20-25 working days.

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