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NHS Baby Life Check

Visit the website and take the confidential NHS Baby Life Check. In addition to finding ways to keep your baby healthy, happy and safe the website provides links to other useful sites. 

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Find your local pregnancy yoga class

The skills taught during a yoga class can have a profound effect; lifting mood, improving comfort levels, shortening length of labour and helping women to have a positive and calm experience during the birth (whether using medical interventions or not). All of these skills and benefits are completely transferable to the postnatal period  and life in general, to improve outcomes for the whole family unit, find your local Pregnancy Yoga Class here.
Oldham - Tameside - Manchester
Emma Gleave - 07922505272

Bury - Manchester
Janine Hurley - 07814234283

Tameside - Royton
Claire Harvey - 07931141020

Janice Wong - 07951012358

Zoe Lawrie - 07973922623

Suzanne Sanchez Byrne - 07733833338

Jackie Hudson - 07702711021

Hazel Grove
Suzanne Messenger - 07980969424

Manchester - Tameside - Cheshire
Jaina Bhana Mistry - 07738390113

Sexual Health Clinic

Contraception and Sexual Health Services (All Ages)
The service has the main clinic at Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old St, Ashton-Under-Lyne. OL6 7SR. Please see below for opening times.

You are welcome to attend the clinic for testing and treatments of all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including HIV, all methods of contraception including implants, coils and emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and all relevant sexual health advice.

If you have any symptoms or are worried about an STI or if you would like to speak to someone for general advice about your sexual health, please telephone us on the number below and ask to speak to a Health Adviser.

We offer a mixture of drop in times and appointment times at this clinic. If you prefer to drop in please note the drop in times below for people with symptoms. People without symptoms can attend at any time when the clinic is open.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust believes that the deaths and trauma associated with ectopic pregnancy should be prevented or minimised and seeks to support women and their families through this difficult period of their lives. The Charity also provides Information, Education and Support to medical professionals who treat early pregnancy complications. 

A reduced service may operate during busy holiday periods. A 24 hour answering service is available for you to leave a message but you may find it easier to email us and one of our email team will be able to arrange a phone call or answer your questions.

Please note, we are not an emergency service. If you have a medical concern or feel you need to speak with someone urgently you should contact your doctor or other health care provider in the first instance. You can call the NHS Direct 111 service by dialling 111, contact your out of hours GP service or your normal surgery, or visit your local Accident and Emergency department (A&E). 

Maternity Action

Maternity Action champions maternity rights at work, in the benefits system and in access to maternity care. We promote gender equality and the health and well-being of all pregnant women, new mothers and their families.
We offer online information sheets that cover a range of topics including rights at work, benefits, maternity discrimination, breastfeeding and entitlements for women with different immigration statuses (including refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, EU nationals, indefinite leave to remain, undocumented women, trafficked women, and women with 'no recourse to public funds').
We have a dedicated advice line with specialist advisers who can advise on employment and benefits for pregnant women and new parents, which can be reached by calling the number below.
We also have an advice service for women affected by charging for NHS maternity care.

See our website for details.
Advice line hours: Mon 11am - 2pm Tue 11am - 2pm Thurs 3pm - 7pm Fri 11am - 2pm

  • Address:
  • 52-54 Featherstone Street
  • London
  • EC1Y 8RT

Maternity Action has produced a number of FAQs on employment rights which are now up on our website.  These include health and safety issues, advice for self-employed women and benefits for rent bills.

Black Health Agency (BHA)

Location: Hulme 

We offer a range of unique services delivered at local, regional and national level in the areas of sexual health, community health education and engaging and involving communities in health and social care decision making.

Our sexual health team empowers communities to access appropriate and relevant services, offers information and advice, delivers one-to-one and group support and works to reduce barriers and stigma. Our community health services support people to make informed choices about health and access relevant services. We support families newly arrived from abroad, assisting in access to mainstream services such as schools, GPs, housing services and benefits advice.

BHA develops services by working with people from communities who experience health inequalities and getting ideas about the services they want and need. Our engagement and involvement team offers services to statutory services, health and care regulators and others to help them reach out into communities whose voices are seldom heard or acted upon.

  • Address:
  • Zion Community Resource Centre
    339 Stretford Street
    M15 4ZY
  • For more information:
  • Telephone: 0845 450 4247
  • Fax: 0845 450 3247
  • Visit:
  • Email:

Family Planning Association

We're a sexual health charity. We give straightforward information, advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK.

Adoption Team

Location: Denton 

Tameside's Adoption Team provides a comprehensive service which includes:-

  • Recruitment, preparation and assessment of prospective adopters
  • Support to adopters following placement
  • Preparation, placement and support to children for whom adoption is the plan
  • Adoption support services for anyone affected by adoption who lives in the 
    Tameside area for example: adopted children, counselling, advice and support to birth parents, local support to adopters and their families


Open:  Monday to Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm/Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm/ Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm

Referral Details:  Self Referral/By other Agencies

Access/Facilities:  Disabled Access

Cost:  None

Age Range:  0 - 18

For more information please see the links provided:

  • Address:
  • Tameside Adoption Team
    Denton Centre
    Acre Street
    M34 2BW

After Adoption

Location: Manchester 

After Adoption offers support, advice and counselling available for anyone affected by adoption. Includes adopted persons and birth relatives.

It also provides adoption services through our families that last team. Finding families for children who are more difficult to place.

They provide an intermediary service so birth relatives separated by adoption can contact each other. They also support adoptive parents through there Safebase programme and provide family days for adoptive families.

Open:  Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm and also 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturdays, 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Referral Details:  Self Referral via Drop-in or Telephone

Access/Facilities:  Disabled Access and Accessible Parking

Cost:  Contact for Details

Age Range:  All Ages

  • Unit 5
    Blantyre Street
    M15 4JJ

For more information:
  • Telephone: 0800 0 568 578

Adoption Now

Adoption Now is a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) that brings together the local authority adoption services for six areas in the North West of England:
  • Blackburn with Darwen
  • Bolton
  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Tameside
  • Oldham
We also work in partnership with two voluntary adoption agencies, Caritas Care and Adoption Matters.

As a new Regional Adoption Agency we are building on the good reputation and excellent work already being done to provide high quality adoption services for children and adults.

Our core purpose is to deliver the following:

• High quality, child-centred, and efficient family finding service for children who have a plan for adoption.
• Robust, responsive and sensitive adopter approval service.
• A highly skilled and professional support services for adopters, adopted children, adopted adults and birth parents.
If you're thinking about adoption, come and talk to us!
We welcome enquiries from these areas, as well as Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. We will consider enquiries from within the North West and wider if you are looking to adopt harder to place children.

Pandas Foundation - Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice & Support

The PANDAS Foundation is here to help support and advise any parent who is experiencing a perinatal mental illness.  We are also here to inform and guide family members, carers, friends and employers as to how they can support someone who is suffering. Our helpline is open everyday between 9am-8pm.  The PANDAS Helpline is manned by a team of trained volunteers who will be happy to chat to you and direct you to the right support for you. Our PANDAS Email Support team are available seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Our trained volunteers aim to respond to each email within 24 hours.  Please get in touch if you’d like any more information regarding perinatal mental illness, or are looking for support for yourself or your partner, friend or colleague.

The Birth Trauma Association

The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) supports all women who have had a traumatic birth experience. It is estimated that, in the UK alone, this may result in up to  20,000 women a year developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Also, as many as 200,000 more women may feel traumatised by childbirth and develop some of the symptoms of PTSD. The BTA wants women to know that they are not alone. On these pages, we offer emotional and practical support to women and also their families. The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) was established in 2004 to support women suffering from Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or birth trauma. We are not trained counsellors or therapists or medical professionals. We are mothers who wish to support other women who have suffered difficult births.

  • Visit:

Miscarriage Association 

The Miscarriage Association is here to provide support and information to anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy. 

If this is happening now, happened recently or happened long ago…

If you are worried about signs or symptoms – or the lack of them…

If you are ‘in limbo’, waiting for another scan or for test results…

If you are concerned for someone else …

… in all these cases, we aim to be of help.

House of Light - PND Support

House of Light was founded in 2007 and has helped thousands of women and their families come through Antenatal and Postnatal Illness. PND can affect 1 in 7 mothers after giving birth. It does not matter if it is your 1st child or 5th. With the right help, support and treatment all women can and will recover. We offer one to one counselling, support advice and information. We offer support and counselling for antenatal / postnatal depression and anxiety. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Fertility Network

The national charity here for anyone who has ever experienced fertility problems. 

We are the nation’s leading patient-focused fertility charity and are here on a practical and emotional level whatever your experience of fertility issues to offer support services, information and access to a community of people affected by fertility problems.

We can help: if  you are considering your future fertility; if you are trying to become parents; if you are facing the challenges of childlessness; if you are successful after fertility problems and if you need help to access NHS-funded fertility treatment.

  • Infoline: 01424 732361
  • Email:
  • Supportline: 0121 323 5025
  • Email:
  • Visit:

APNI - Association for Post Natal Illness

The Association has a countrywide network of phone, e-mail and postal volunteers, who have had, and recovered from post-natal illness. The volunteers are carefully vetted to ensure that they are completely well, that they have had no previous mental illness and that they are not opposed to drug therapy. Depressed mothers are phoned or written to at regular intervals throughout their illness and the recovery period. The relationship between the volunteer and depressed mother is regularly monitored. Most women find it a great relief to talk to someone who really understands how they feel. Depressed mothers are always advised to seek medical help and constantly assured that they will recover. The Association runs a support service for husbands and families of the depressed woman. Many of the volunteer husbands  will to talk to husbands of sufferers and offer help and advice if necessary.

National Family and Parenting Institute

The National Family and Parenting Institute (NFPI) is an independent charity working to support parents in bringing up their children, to promote the wellbeing of families and to make society more family friendly.
Referral Details: self referral / By appointment / Through other agencies

  • Address:
  • Highgage Studios
    53-79 Highgate Road
    NW5 1TL

The Fatherhood Institute

A national information centre on fatherhood providing:-

  • News
  • Training information
  • Policy updates
  • Research
  • Summaries and Guides for supporting fathers and their families.

Referral Details: Self referral / By appointment / Through other agencies

Cost: Contact for details

  • Address:
  • Unit 1, Warren Courtyard
    SN8 3UU

Child Accident Prevention Trust


We give free child safety advice to parents and carers on our website, as well as online quizzes and activities on popular safety topics.

  • Address:
  • Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • PO Box 3588
  • Barnet
  • EN5 9QU 
  • Telephone: 020 7608 3828
  • Fax: 020 7608 3674


Free Parenting Plan and Advice on Divorce & Child Arrangements
Oratto understand that family break-up is a very challenging and emotionally stressful life event. Knowing where to begin to look for advice and information is difficult; Oratto provide free information and advice on all family law matters to anyone who is seeking such support.
Our website is a great online free resource full of useful information on a wide range of family law matters, including:
Divorce and civil partnership dissolutions
Financial settlements in divorce or civil partnership dissolutions
Child arrangements, and disagreements over arrangements,
Child Abduction
The stages of divorce
Pre-nuptial agreements
Cohabitation separation
Please visit our website to see the full extent of the information and guides available.
Oratto have written a comprehensive Parenting Plan to help parents have a constructive discussion about parenting their children after a separation or divorce. The Parenting Plan covers a wide number of areas and gives parents the opportunity to consider all aspects of their children’s’ lives. Parenting Plans more flexible than Child Arrangements Orders (which require mandatory safeguarding checks) and can be changed easily and with minimal expense; and mean that parents do not need to go to Court.
Parenting Plans can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Proposing suggested arrangements for the consideration of the other parent
  • A mediation process
  • Enabling a discussion between parents about child arrangements
  • Formalising agreed arrangements for children
  • Including a parenting plan with a C100 application for a child arrangements, specific issue or prohibited steps order.
Oratto’s Parenting Plan can also serve as a formal agreement between parents on the arrangements for their children, and how they would like to co-parent and bring their children up after separation or divorce.

Oratto's experienced Immigration solicitors are able to advise and assist on a wide range of immigration matters, including:
  • Coming to the UK as a visitor, 
  • Coming to the UK as a child visitor,
  • Student visas,
  • Business visitors,
  • Sportsperson visas
  • Coming to the UK to get married or register a civil partnership
  • Sponsoring a visitor, 
  • Temporary Worker Visas
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain, 
  • Appealing an unsuccessful application,
  • Human Rights & Asylum
  • Ancestry Visas, etc
We offer a range of fixed-fee services, including applications and appeals. We provide services to people across England & Wales.
Languages spoken: English, Bengali, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Marathi, Mirpuri, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu.
We offer a free initial telephone consultation (maximum of 30 minutes) with our experienced family law advisers. You can discuss your situation with our advisers who will be able to offer you advice and information specific to your circumstances. To book your free consultation, please call our Helpline on 0800 368 6338, or email us at All calls and emails are confidential.
  • Email:
  • Address:    483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS
  • Phone number:    Call free on 0800 368 6338
  • WhatsApp number:    +44 7311 378709
  • Website:
  • Linkedin:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Youtube: 

My BabyManual 

My BabyManual has been developed to provide dependable advice for anyone seeking guidance about getting pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth, and early years childcare. By combining information from practising medical and childcare professionals with articles and blogs written by real-life parents and parents-to-be, My BabyManual provides a compendium of authoritative and informative material covering all aspects of the parenting journey. Our information is free and is intended to provide a supportive guide, which can be referenced 24/7, so that an expectant mum, or a worried father of a newborn, never has to feel alone. Our forum provides a community space where parents and professionals can communicate with and support each other, while also helping those who come to the website just to read and understand a bit more about pregnancy and childcare.
  • Visit:
  • Telephone: 0844 579 3967

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