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Stalybridge Town Centre Challenge

In February this year, Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester Mayor, launched the Greater Manchester Town Centre Challenge – an ambitious new initiative to regenerate urban centres across Greater Manchester. Stalybridge was agreed as the Tameside town centre.
While the Town Centre Challenge itself does not bring with it extra pots of money, it is an opportunity to raise the profile of Stalybridge and attract investment from a range of organisations. To attract that investment a clear plan is needed for a vibrant town centre. And to put together that plan the views of local people – whether that is residents, businesses or visitors – are key.
Work to transform Stalybridge town centre is not new. Over the years a number of projects have seen improvements including most recently the Summer Quays development. The Town Centre Challenge is a once in a generation opportunity to take things a step further.
Clearly there are some key issues that are already known and have been expressed clearly – empty shops, derelict sites and the impact of changing shopping habits on the retail offer. Better transport connections and a more diverse night time offer are other comments often raised. Alongside these concerns Stalybridge has much to offer, particularly in terms of public realm and heritage – the Civic Hall, library and canal side being good examples. And the flip side of empty shops and derelict sites is space for exciting new developments.
The Stalybridge Town Centre Challenge have set out some of their aims for the town centre under the following aspirations.
  • We Want A Vibrant Town
  • We Want A Visited Town
  • We Want A Sustainable Town
  • We Want A Prosperous Town
  • We Want a Liveable Town

Stalybridge Officer Group Terms of Reference - October 2019

Stalybridge Strategic Panel Terms of Reference - October 2019

Stalybridge Advisory Group Terms of Reference - October 2019

A public consultation open day was held on Saturday 6 October 2018 to hear the views of local people and for them to have an input on how Stalybridge town centre can change and improve. The information available at the consultation open day is available at the link below.

Please click here if you wish to be provided with updates on the Stalybridge Town Centre Challenge

The Stalybridge Town Centre Challenge plan was agreed by the council at the Executive Cabinet meeting on 12 February 2020. You can read the report, strategy and action plan on the website at agenda item 6 here.

Stalybridge Action Plan: Our Place, Our Plan

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