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Strategic Planning

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The Strategic Planning service develops and applies policies that aim to secure the long term sustainable development of the Borough. The information below shows the current documents and information within the Tameside Local Plan.

  Annual Monitoring Reports   Authority's Monitoring Reports
  Brownfield Register Pilot   Brownfield Land Register
  Core Strategy   Core Strategy
  Supplementary Planning Guidance   Custom and Self Build Register
  Development Plan Documents   Development Plan Documents
  Local Development Scheme   Local Development Scheme
  Evidence Base   Local Plan Evidence Base
  Greater Manchester Spacial Framework   Greater Manchester Spatial Framework
  Search Local Plan Maps   Search Local Plan Maps Link to External Website
  Statement of Community Involvement   Statement of Community Involvement
  Supplementary Planning Documents   Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance
  Sustainability Appraisal   Sustainability Appraisal
  Supplementary Planning Guidance   Unitary Development Plan
  Supplementary Planning Guidance   Tameside Local Plan
  Supplementary Planning Guidance   Neighbourhood Planning


  Search Local Plan Maps  
Information on Conservation Areas ranging from historic town centres to industrial and rural villages.
  Statement of Community Involvement  
Information on industrial and commercial development completions and land supply.
Information on residential completions and housing land supply, including the five year supply, published as part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.
  Listed Buildings  
Information on the 'list' of buildings of special architectural or historic interest, a register compiled by English Heritage recording the best of British Buildings.
Information on the floorspace of major retail developments.
  Sustainability Appraisal  
Information on trees which are important for public enjoyment and that may be protected. You will need to make an application for works to a tree that is protected or within a Conservation Area.


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