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Household Support Fund


Please read the information on this web page, then click here to apply:

  If you need access to support immediately a list of Food Banks is available by clicking on this link: Food banks and community pantries (
Applications to the Household Support Fund must be made using the online application form accessed above.  If you are unable to complete this form please contact your JCP Work Coach, Tameside Council Customer Services or Citizens Advice Bureau for support.

To contact Customer Services please email or call 0161 342 8355

Click here to contact Citizens Advice Bureau: Citizens Advice Tameside - Free, confidential and impartial advice (
This is a limited, fixed fund available until 30 September 2022 or when funds are exhausted.  All applications will be assessed to check that the application is made from an eligible Tameside resident and to ensure that duplicate requests are not made.
Support requests can be made to the below categories:
  • Food: Assistance can be provided to eligible applicants to purchase food limited to £25 per person in each household
  • Energy & Water:  Support can be provided for gas, electric and water bills - these payments are capped at £100 per household and only one payment can be awarded per household from this scheme.  For payments requested to be made directly a recent copy of your bank statement will be required to demonstrate you do not have sufficient funds.
  • Essentials linked to energy & water:  Assistance can be provided to eligible applicants limited to £50 per person in each household.  This can be requested to provide support with essentials linked to energy & water including, but not limited to, sanitary products, warm clothing, blankets & essential household equipment (where this cannot be sourced through other provision).  

Applicants can also apply for one off payments in exceptional circumstances for the categories below, where all other avenues of support have been considered and/or exhausted.  All awards will require sign off from the Director of Place or a delegated senior manager.  Additional information and evidence will also be requested and will take additional time to assess
  • Wider essentials: requests for wider essentials can be made on a discretionary basis and additional evidence of support required may be requested,  this may include support with other bills. 
  • Household Costs: In exceptional cases of genuine emergency a request can be made to support housing costs where existing housing support schemes do not meet the exceptional need.  This cannot be used to provide mortgage support under the guidance set by DWP.

For further information and Guidance on the Household Support Fund  visit