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Our People, Our Place, Our Plan- Performance Monitoring

The Strategic Commission tracks how we’re achieving on the aims set out in our corporate plan through a performance monitoring framework; we look at a number of internal and publicly available data sources covering all of our priorities to see how things are changing for residents of Tameside.

The indicators we’ve chosen line up with each goal set out across all eight of the plan’s priorities, and follow the plan through the life course- Starting Well, Living Well, and Ageing Well, all underpinned by our aim to make sure that Tameside is a great place with a vibrant economy and inclusive growth that benefits everyone.

The data we use comes from a wide range of places including Public Health England, the Department for Education, Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission, and many more.

We update our performance monitor four times a year, to include new data from the previous financial quarter. A number of our indicators are released annually so won’t change with each release; the scorecard includes the previous value for each indicator as well as when this figure was released.

The latest version of the monitor, along with the previous releases, can be accessed here:
Release Month Link
December 2021 CPOF- Dec 21
September 2021 CPOF- Sep 21
March 2022 CPOF- Mar 22
June 2022 CPOF- Jun 22
August 2022 CPOF- Aug 22
November 2022 CPOF- Nov 22
February 2023 CPOF- Feb 23
July 2023 CPOF July 23
November 2023 CPOF Nov 23
February 2024 CPOF Feb 24