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Children & Family weight management support

As we, all know the effects of COVID 19 and frequent lockdowns has meant that we have spent a significant amount of the last few years being isolated and cooped up indoors. As such, we have seen a significant rise in our Tameside children and young people suffering from increased weight gain, leading to obesity.


This is a Tier 2 weight management intervention, which supports, promotes and empowers families to implement healthy lifestyle changes. A multi-agency partnership between Tameside Early Help, Children’s Nutrition Team and Active Tameside aims at supporting children and young people that are overweight and/or obese.
There are three levels of support available: Green, Amber and Red. Each come with a different level of intervention.
Do you know any children and young people who may benefit from this support? If so, please contact myself and I will be happy to discuss the packages of support on offer.
Please contact myself on or call 07808211636

Parenting Helpline

Do you need support, advice and guidance?
The Parenting Team are here to support parents, carers and professionals.

Parenting Helpline 2022 pdf
Please click on this link Coronavirus (Covid 19) Support - which will take you to our Coronavirus (Covid 19) support website which centrally holds helpful links, supportive information and resources for you in this unpreceded change in light of coronavirus. Safety and supporting our children and families is paramount and we will be led by this first and foremost, so we are working differently to help and support children and families get through this difficult time. Please do ring us to find out more and see how we can help.

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