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Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Pedestrian Crossings, Concrete Bollards, Illuminated Bollards and Illuminated Road Signs


Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Traffic Light SignalsHow do I report a problem?

To report problems with pedestrian crossings or permanent traffic lights please visit the TfGM web based traffic signal problem reporting form Link to External Website. This enables members of the public can directly send UTC details of faults or problems with traffic signals

To report problems with street lights, concrete bollards or illuminated bollards or to complain about the location of, please use the fault reporting system. If you are reporting problems with temporary traffic lights, please provide relevant contact details where possible.

In an emergency or out of hours situation please contact our 24 hour call centre on 0161 342 8355 or 0161 342 2222.

The street light outside my house is out/is faulty

Please use the fault reporting system to let us know - the more information you can give us the better (ie. light out altogether, going on/off, burning all day, intermittent etc.), include the number of the column - if you cannot see this then please state the exact location or adjacent house no.

How long will it take to repair?

Usually, outages are inspected within 14 working days. If there is a problem on the electricity cable feeding the column an additional delay to the repair of the column could ensue.

The metal door at the base of the lamp column has been removed, how soon will you attend?

We will attend within 2 hours.

The lamp column outside my house is leaning or damaged

An Inspector will come out to assess the damage and then determine how urgent the job is.

Can the lighting in my street be improved?

All changes including improvement requests will be considered by the Authority and prioritised accordingly.

We take into account age and condition of the existing installation along with the light output. However, all considerations are budget led. Please use the fault reporting system.

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Report It or call 0161 342 8355

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