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Development Management

The Council’s Development Management service is responsible for processing and determining planning applications and providing general advice about Town Planning legislation, procedures and policies/guidance.  The service also works alongside/supports the Council’s Public Protection team to investigate any breaches of planning control and provide general guidance about Planning Enforcement.

Planning Applications and Decisions

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The Need For Planning Permission

Please note that the ‘interactive house’, ‘common projects’ and ‘mini guides’ links available at this link (the planning portal website) are particularly useful. Should you wish to gain formal confirmation from the Council that you do not require planning permission for your project and it would constitute ‘permitted development',  please submit a ‘certificate of lawfulness’ via the planning portal website.

Duty Planning Officer

Apply for Planning Permission

Please note that we can no longer accept any applications via email. Should you wish to submit an application to the Council for consideration please do so online (via the above ‘Apply On-line’ link).  Alternatively, you may send the application via post to the address listed below under ‘Contact Information’ or hand the application in at Tameside One (customer services), Market Place, Ashton-under-Lyne.

Planning Guidance

Planning Fees and Charges

Please note that from 19th August 2019, Central Government have introduced a £96 fee for applications submitted under the Larger Home Extensions – Neighbour Consultation Scheme process

Planning Appeals

Planning & Building Control Enforcement

To see the Fair Access Statement, please visit Fair Access to Services - Policy Statement


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