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Service Charter – Road and Footpath Maintenance

A key requirement of a local highway authority is to ensure that the highway network is safe and convenient for the movement of people and goods.

The council has  a team of highway inspectors that carry out risk management safety inspections on a daily basis.   Any defects identified are recorded and repaired in line with the council’s Highway Risk Management plan.    A copy of this document can be found here: 

If you notice a pothole or any other defect, please report it here

Please click for further information regarding the Roads and Maintenance Service Charter, documents and proposed roads resurfacing works.

The Council has a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use.

We will:

  • Inspect each street at least once every year to identify any problems
  • Repair any dangerous defects found within 24 hours
  • Send a 'Find and Fix' team into all adopted streets, on a planned route, to repair minor defects found.
  • Assess all defect reports and repair serious defects within 14 days
  • All other defects recorded will be repaired within 28 days
  • Clear out roadside grids at least every two years
  • Start "gritting" major roads when snow fall or heavy frost is forecast

You can help us by:

  • Notifying use of problems/defects - use our online reporting system
  • Taking care not to block roadside grids - for example by swilling out concrete mixers
  • Keeping trees and hedges trimmed to avoid overhanging
  • Reporting any damage, vandalism or theft
  • Not damaging footways by parking on them
  • Not obstructing footways with commercial displays


We do not:


Our Vision

Tameside Council and NHS Tameside & Glossop CCG have come together to form one organisation – Tameside & Glossop Strategic Commission. Please click on the link below to see the Corporate Plan for Tameside and Glossop.


Our People, Our Place, Our Plan

Our People, Our Place, Our Plan

Click here to view our corporate plan for Tameside.


Key Highway Maintenance Policies in support of the Corporate Plan

Highway Maintenance Code of Practice

Highway Maintenance Code of Practice

View the guide to highway policies and procedures

Highway Asset Management

Highway Asset Management

View the policy and strategy here.

Tameside MBC Resilient Network

Tameside MBC Resilient Network

View the resilient network here.


Tameside MBC Street List

Local Highway Authorities such as Tameside MBC are required to keep an up to date list of streets which are highways maintainable at public expense under Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980. The Streets List indicates the status of streets within the borough. There may be areas adjoining publicly maintainable highways which are privately maintainable and therefore the responsibility of the owner of the adjacent property not the Council. The information contained in the Streets List is correct to the best of our knowledge and is a guide only. It does not constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway or part of a highway. The Streets List is updated monthly and the Council reserves the right to update it as necessary without prior notice.

View List of Streets in Tameside MBC External Link

View Tameside MBC Adopted Highway External Link

Grass Verges

Parking on Grass Verges;
Grass verges are of amenity value enhancing residential and commercial areas and are appreciated by most residents and visitors. Unfortunately, pressures caused by the desire to park as close as possible to properties does lead to a small number of people parking on grass verges which can cause obstruction and damage, creating hazards to others.
When obstruction or damage is reported, Tameside council, as Highway Authority, will;
  • Enforce any parking restrictions (single yellow or double yellow line) as these apply to footways and verges as well as carriageways.
  • Report obstructions to GM Police.If access is restricted, it is only the Police who can issue tickets for obstruction.
Please note; not all parking on footways or verges causes an obstruction, and for this reason it is not always possible for the Police to issue tickets for vehicles parked on a footway or verge.  Only if pedestrians or vehicles are prevented from gaining access along a route, is it deemed an obstruction. 
Obstructions can be reported to GM Police directly by dialling 101.
  • Inspect areas of damage - if extensive damage is being caused, we will, as far as possible, look to identify vehicle owners and seek to recover the costs of work to restore the verge to an acceptable condition.
  • Where necessary, restrict access to verges (e.g. by the use of bollards etc.) and seek to recover costs from the owners of vehicles causing damage. 

We will not;
  • Consider the conversion  of grass verges into hard standing areas due to; cost to the council, potential damage to underground services (e.g. water, gas mains etc), reduction in impermeable area and associated drainage issues loss of amenity to an area.


Planned Highway Maintenance Works:

Information on any planned Highway Maintenance works will be posted here



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Make a Complaint Online

Make a Complaint Online

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