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Road and Footpath Maintenance

Our Service Charter for this area is as follows:

The Council has a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use.

We will:

  • Inspect each street at least once every year to identify any problems
  • Repair any dangerous defects found within 24 hours
  • Send a 'Find and Fix' team into all adopted streets, on a planned route, to repair minor defects found.
  • Assess all defect reports and repair serious defects within 14 days
  • All other defects recorded will be repaired within 28 days
  • Clear out roadside grids at least every two years
  • Start "gritting" major roads when snow fall or heavy frost is forecast
  • Weed spray twice per year with safe chemicals
  • Keep the grass short

You can help us by:

  • Notifying use of problems/defects - use our online reporting system
  • Taking care not to block roadside grids - for example by swilling out concrete mixers
  • Keeping trees and hedges trimmed to avoid overhanging
  • Reporting any damage, vandalism or theft
  • Not damaging footways by parking on them
  • Not obstructing footways with commercial displays

We do not:

  • Repair water leaks - please report to United Utilities Link to External Website or telephone United Utilities Customer Services on 0800 330033. Any concerns about discoloured or contaminated water in your house should also be reported to United Utilities
  • Repair damage caused by Cable TV - Please report to Cable and Wireless or telephone Cable and Wireless Customer Services on 0345 114455
  • Look after the Motorways - please contact Highways England 
  • Repair damage to Bus Shelters - please report to Transport for Greater Manchester TFGM  Link to External Website
  • Maintain traffic lights  - please report to Transport for Greater Manchester TFGM

Our Vision

The Council as a representative body, exists to maximise the wellbeing of the people of the borough:
  1. Supporting economic growth and opportunity
  2. Increasing self-sufficiency and resilience of individuals and families
  3. Protect the most vulnerable.

Download the Corporate Plan (2016/21) (5.59MB)

Key Highway Maintenance Policies in support of the Corporate Plan:

Highway Maintenance Code of Practice

View the Guide to Highway Policies & Procedures (0.26MB)

Highway Asset Management;

View the Policy and Strategy (0.61MB)

Tameside MBC Resilient Network

View Resilient Network (3.57MB)

Budget 2018 – Additional Funding for Local Roads

View Statement (0.02MB)


Tameside MBC Street List

Local Highway Authorities such as Tameside MBC are required to keep an up to date list of streets which are highways maintainable at public expense under Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980. The Streets List indicates the status of streets within the borough. There may be areas adjoining publicly maintainable highways which are privately maintainable and therefore the responsibility of the owner of the adjacent property not the Council. The information contained in the Streets List is correct to the best of our knowledge and is a guide only. It does not constitute a definitive statement as to the status of any particular highway or part of a highway. The Streets List is updated monthly and the Council reserves the right to update it as necessary without prior notice.

View Tameside MBC Street List External Link

Tameside MBC – Grass Verges (0.02MB)
Planned Highway Maintenance Works:

2015-16 Proposed Road Resurfacing Works

View information on the Proposed Road Resurfacing Works for 2015/16 (0.03MB)

2016-17 Proposed Road Resurfacing Works

View information on the Proposed Road Resurfacing Works for 2016/17 (0.17MB)

2017-18 Proposed Road Resurfacing Works

View information on the Proposed Road Resurfacing Works for 2017/18 (0.13MB)

2018-19 Proposed Road Resurfacing Works

View information on the Proposed Road Resurfacing Works for 2018/19 (0.13MB)

2019-20 Proposed Road Resurfacing Works

View information on the Proposed Road Resurfacing Works for 2019/20 (0.13MB)

Historical Bids & Statements:

Tameside MBC  2017 DfT Challenge Fund Tranche 2a Application (0.81MB)  

2016/17 Department for Transport Pothole Action Fund (0.02MB)


Department for Transport – Additional Local Highways Maintenance Funding

View information on the Additional Local Highways Maintenance Funding

Department for Transport – Maintenance Challenge Fund Application February 2015

Department for Transport – Pothole Fund Application May 2014


If you are unhappy

If you have had recent dealings with us and did not receive this level of service or are unhappy with the content of the above statement please let us know by making a complaint online here.

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