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How to make a Complaint, Suggestion or Compliment

Who can make a complaint, suggestion or compliment?

If you receive a service from Specialist Services and Safeguarding (Children's Social Work), you can make a complaint, suggestion or compliment about that service.

What might you make a complaint, suggestion or compliment about?

You can make a complaint if you are unhappy with the way you are being treated and the services you are receiving. For example:

  • if something has happened at your foster placement, or
  • if you feel you do not get enough support from your Social Worker.

If you think that something about the service you receive could be improved, you may want to make a suggestion. For example:

  • you may want more information about your rights in care, or
  • you may want to be more involved in the planning of your care.

Alternatively, you may want to make a compliment about a service you have received. For example:

  • if you are happy about something your Social Worker has done for you, or
  • if you feel happy with your foster care placement.

Who do you tell if you have a complaint, suggestion or compliment?

You should contact your Social Worker; however, if for any reason you are not able to tell your Social Worker, then you can contact the Complaints Manager.

Can someone make a complaint, suggestion or compliment for you?

Yes, you can ask a relative or a friend to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment on your behalf.

The Children's Rights Service may also be able to help you.

What happens if you make a complaint, suggestion or compliment?

If you make a complaint, a Manager will look into why you are unhappy. The Manager may want to speak to you, to find out a bit more about your complaint.

You can have someone to help you with your complaint (an advocate), and this can be a friend, or someone you trust.

The Manager will try to respond to your complaint within 10 working days; this does not include Saturdays and Sundays. If for any reason the Manager needs a bit more time to sort your complaint out, they will let you know.

Any information you tell the Social Worker or Manager will be kept private, and will only be used to sort out your complaint.

If you make a suggestion, it will be considered by the Manager to see if anything can be done about it.

If you make a compliment, it will be shared with the person or the service you are happy with.

Tameside Childrens Rights – Barnardo’s

The Advocacy service supports Looked after children/young people aged 5-19 years and children/young people on a Child Protection Plan aged 11-19 years to; express their views when decisions are being made that will affect them, access services, understand and exercise their rights and stay safe.
The Return Interviews for Missing Children Service completes interviews with children/young people aged up to 19 years, when they return from a missing episode.

Contact details:
Stalybridge Community Fire Station
Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge SK15 1RF
Telephone:  0161 303 1636  
Freephone:  0800 028 3185

What if you are unhappy with the response to your complaint?

If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint, you should tell the Complaints Manager who will arrange for your complaint to be investigated further.

Children's Social Work Teams

Children's Social Work Teams
Denton Centre, Acre Street, Denton M34 2BW
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Other useful contacts

Tameside Children’s Rights and Return Interviews for Missing Children Service   
Send Electronic Message
 Telephone Number(office) 0161 303 1636
 Telephone Number(mob)   07500 255265
Website:  Link to External Website

Telephone Number 0800 1111
Website: Link to External Website

Local Government Ombudsman

Telephone Number 0300 061 0614
Website:  Link to External Website

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How to make a complaint

Make a complaint or compliment via our contact details below:

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