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Talking together

Almost everything we do involves speech, language and communication. Communication helps children express their likes and dislikes, interact with others and learn at school. Yet so many of us take these skills for granted.

We know that parents are essential in supporting their child's speech, language and communication skills and small changes can make a big difference. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness of the importance of face-to-face communication by encouraging everyone to take the time to talk, listen and play with their children and teenagers.

Some of the key messages of ‘Talking Together’ will be:
  • The distraction of technology
  • The power of play
  • Tea time is talking time
  • The magic of books
  • Summer sun fun
  • Let’s talk about dummies

Each month there will be a different theme with social media messages, information and ‘Top Tips’ for parents. With the support of our local schools and nurseries there will be fun challenges for children and families to take part in.

‘Talking Together’ is being launched by the Integrated Services for Children with Disabilities Team (CWD), Pupil Support Services, Public Health and the Early Years Team. It is supported by local Children Centres, Private Day Nurseries and Primary and Secondary Schools in Tameside and Glossop.

Communication According to Age

0 to 5    5 to 11    11 to 15    15 plus


Communication According to Theme

The Distraction of TechnologyMonthly Theme TitleSummer Sun FunlanguagebeforeliteracyThe Magic of Multiingualismfestive funDummy UsePicture are PowerfulBooksTune Into Music