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Don’t shake the baby

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Don't shake the babyIt is normal to get frustrated sometimes when a baby will not stop crying. It is the way all babies make sure their basic needs are met. It is neither your fault nor the fault of your baby. A baby with additional difficulties may cry more which can be very stressful.

Shaking can cause death or serious and long-lasting brain damage. Shaken Baby Syndrome is an injury caused as a result of a baby being shaken so that their head wobbles rapidly back and forth. The force of this can tear the blood vessels that connect the brain and skull. A baby’s neck muscles are not strong enough to hold their head firmly. Never ever shake a baby for any reason. It is never safe to shake a child, not even in play. It is important for other children at home, your babysitter or any other carer to understand the dangers.

If you’re struggling with your baby’s crying there is plenty of support from your Health Visitor, Doctor, local Children’s Services or Children’s Centre’s. Do not allow a situation to go on where you feel unable to cope.


There are four important steps to remember

  Infant crying is normal

 Comforting methods can help

 It’s OK to walk away

N   Never, ever shake a baby

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