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Parenting Information

It is a parent’s job to provide the best care they can for their children. This does not mean you have to cope alone. There are support services available to offer help whenever it is needed.

Parenting Support

There is plenty of parenting support available via online or face to face courses. We would recommend, The Solihull Approach Understanding your Child course. It is a parenting group available to all Tameside parents and carers with children aged 0-18 years. It is based on the model of containment, reciprocity and behaviour management and uses social learning theory in the design of the programme. The programme is evidence based and is fully inclusive regardless of need as its messages are adaptable to the families’ specific situations and it supports families as a whole.

There is also a Solihull Approach Online offer for those families who would prefer to complete the course in this way.

The Incredible Years programme is a parenting group available to all Tameside parents and carers with children aged 2-8 years. The programme has a focus on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parent involvement in children’s school experiences, to promote children’s academic, social and emotional skills and reduce conduct problems.

The Parenting Team runs clinic sessions called ‘ParentSpace’ twice a week. This provides one to one parenting support for those families in Tameside that need this function.

The pages below are designed to give advice and guidance around many common parenting questions. We have collated them and put them into this parenting booklet for easy reference.

Parenting Information



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