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Healthy lifestyles

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healthy lifestyles

With healthy habits from birth you can give your baby a good start for a healthy future. If you are not as healthy as you could be, now could be a great time to establish good healthy habits for all the family.

Giving your babies and toddlers lots of different and healthy foods to try, means they are more likely to eat healthy foods as they grow up.

As they grow, you can help them by playing with them and helping them make new movements and explore their surroundings. As they develop, encourage them to take up a new sport or activity. The whole family can enjoy a healthy lifestyle together, even simple things like hiking or cycling help our health and allow us time together to relax and get fit.

Here are some basic rules to help you lead a more healthy lifestyle:

  • Your good health habits will become your child’s good health habits
  • Exercise together.
  • Eat well.
  • Drink alcohol with caution. Know the limits.
  • Do not smoke or take drugs. If you do, get help to give up.

Smoking at home can lead to health problems. This is called passive smoking and forces the child to breathe in the smoke. Even smoking outside can damage a child’s health. If you smoke and are now responsible for a child consider giving up.


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