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Parenting roles and responsibilities

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Parenting RolesBeing a parent can be one of the most amazing things we can do in our lives and it can also be one of our biggest challenges. Your child will rely on you in many ways and you are responsible for their safety, health, care and actions. As they grow from toddler into child and then teenager they will develop their own circle of friends. You will notice their independence and interest in the outside world and slowly they will become more independent.

Having a child means a lifelong commitment to someone who will need your care and support. If you are a parent then you are responsible in the eyes of the law for the safety, well-being and upbringing of your child. Your children are a reflection of you and your parenting. The most effective parenting tool we have is the example we set as good role models early on. This will help your child grow into a responsible, healthy and happy adult.

Parenting programmes

Tameside Parenting support offers a variety of courses and methods of support, from telephone helplines, online and group parenting courses and one to one support sessions. The telephone Support Helpline is there for you to use when things get a little bit too much for you and is manned by trained parenting professionals to offer support and advice when you need it. The groups we offer give you a chance to share experiences and ideas with other parents as well as getting advice and support from professionals. Our groups run over 10 or 12 weeks depending on the support required.

Our one to one sessions offer a more bespoke package to help you with more targeted issues over a short period of time.

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Safety & responsibility

You are responsible for their actions as well as for keeping them safe and well. At this time you are also responsible legally for making sure they go to school every day. Support them and take an interest in their day and go to the school open evenings and events.

Your child will be starting to develop their own interests and hobbies. Show an interest and look out for after school clubs and sessions held locally where they can develop their skills. Make sure you know they will be safe.


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