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Safer Sleeping

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Safer sleepingThe safest place for your baby to sleep is on their back in a cot in your room for the first six months and after that, your baby can be in their own room. To prevent wiggling down under the covers, always place your baby in the feet to foot position (with their feet at the end of the cot). Keep the baby’s head uncovered and bedclothes should be firmly tucked in and no higher than their shoulders.

Babies can overheat, so try to keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for you, about 18°C (65°F) is ideal. Do not use duvets, quilts, baby nests, wedges, bedding rolls or pillows. Use sheets and lightweight blankets instead. Babies should never sleep with hot water bottles, electric blankets, next to a radiator, heater or fire or in direct sunshine. Visit for more information.

If you are worried, contact NHS Direct or a doctor.

The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot. If your baby sleeps with you:

  • You might roll over in your sleep and suffocate your baby.
  • Your baby could get caught between the wall and your bed.
  • Your baby could roll on to the floor and be injured.
  • Co-sleeping on the sofa or chair is just as dangerous as co-sleeping in a bed.

If you sleep with your baby the risk of your baby dying unexpectedly is increased if you or your partner:

  • Are very tired.
  • Have recently drunk alcohol.
  • Have taken medication or drugs that make you sleep more heavily.
  • Are smokers (no matter where or when you smoke and even if you never smoke in bed).


  • If your baby was premature (born before 37 weeks) or was low birth weight (less than 21/2kg or 51/2lb)

Why is it unsafe to sleep with my baby?

Falling asleep with your baby if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication significantly increases the risk of your baby dying. It’s lovely to have your baby with you for a cuddle or a feed, but it’s safest to put your baby back in their cot before you go to sleep.


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