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Sleeping Difficulties

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sleeping difficultiesNewborn babies sleep for up to 16 hours a day, and at first they will wake every two or three hours to feed.

At about six weeks you should try introducing a bedtime routine for your baby. Try to do the same things every night, as getting into a rhythm will make your baby feel relaxed and secure. After about four months babies should start sleeping for longer periods, and by about six to eight months, your baby can probably manage without a night feed and may sleep for six to eight hours without waking.

When you put your baby to bed, put pyjamas and a fresh nappy on them and place them into bed on their back. You may also like to sing them a lullaby or read them a bedtime story


Tips to encourage sleeping

  • Develop a consistent bedtime routine from an early age.
  • Create a calm and relaxed place to sleep.
  • Reduce stimulation - if necessary remove toys that may get them excited rather than signal time to sleep. Read a bedtime story.
  • Make sure that your baby’s room is neither too hot nor too cold (recommended room temperature is 16-20°C or 61-68°F).

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