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Bereavement - Supporting Children Through Grief

Losing a close loved one is a distressing time whether you’re a child or an adult. It is estimated that just under 5% of children under 16 have lost a parent. In the context of Tameside, this equates to 2,389 children. We can expect this number to be higher when we include extended family i.e., siblings and Grand Parents.

The majority of children who suffer bereavement will not suffer long term harm and will be fine with support from families, peers and the adults they come into contact with. Every child will respond differently to bereavement depending upon a variety of factors. Here is some advice on how to support a child who is suffering from bereavement.

  • Provide age appropriate information.
  • Provide assurance they are not to blame and that it is normal to have different feelings.
  • Develop normal routines.
  • Give the child time to talk and ask questions about what has happened.
  • Offer support to families, if appropriate.

General Resources

Childhood Bereavement Network:

A website of resources to support children and young people who have suffered bereavement.

Young Minds

Young Minds is a general mental health website, with a section on supporting children through grief and loss.

Winston's Wish

A website offering support for a child or young person around bereavement.

Once upon a smile

A Greater Manchester charity that offers support to children and young people.

Hope Again

Resources for Children and Young People who suffered bereavement.

There are local services offering support around bereavement for children and young people.

Antony Seddon:

Reubens Retreat:



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