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Learning from Case Reviews

TSCP is committed to ensuring that the learning from serious case reviews is disseminated as widely as possible. Lessons learnt and key themes from case reviews, along with the latest messages from national research, are incorporated into TSCP multi agency training and communications.

All Serious Case Reviews undertaken in Tameside are published below.

Case Reviews


7 Minute Briefings


Rapid Review Group

Tameside has a Rapid Review Group which decides whether serious incidents should be reviewed because there is known, or suspected, abuse or neglect and the case highlights;

  • Improvements needed to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
  • Recurrent themes in the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of children
  • Concerns regarding 2 or more organisations or agencies working together effectively to safeguard and promote he welfare of children.

Any practitioner can refer a case to the Rapid Review Group with the agreement of their manager. They are encouraged do so for cases where they feel the criteria for a local Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel is met.

Professionals should use the Rapid Review Screening & Notification Form to refer cases to the Rapid Review group.
Tameside Rapid Review Process 


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